Part 1 - Expensive Ring - The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, July 11th

Does the size or cost of an engagement ring matter? Listen to this morning's dilemma and everyone's phone calls on the matter!

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Just to remember how rose 3.5 kick it ties right into what we're talking about this morning. Because my partner soon. Whole line if you ain't got no bang if you don't bring an old Yankee ring. You said these things that do you do you like the bad guy I'm sorry Carl I'm not trying to make you look like a bad person here I'm just trying to call it what to do as you said. And please correct me if I'm wrong but the size of the ring in matters. Hold on I want to talk about science here you guys so this recent study. From Western Oregon University rebuilds. Women expect a pricey engagement ring with a mix stone. If they're partners it is unattractive. Unless. We kind of we know on the second I had other findings. Men are more likely to spend money on an expensive ring if they have. A beautiful partner now beauty is in the I am going to be older so I'm assuming it's yell or about to get married keeping should the most beautiful. Specimen on this earth right. Well also they found women are more likely to settle for an attractive partner if you bring something else to the table. And women you've viewed themselves as attractive are more likely to want expensive brings so we just got to talking. Does this size or cost of an engagement ring matter that firewire not. I was I was you I don't think there's a time to be frugal and there's a time low I'll out and if I. I think you can take the time naming you've customized your widescreen yeah yes and and eat because it was special TU and I'm sure wasn't cheap. So what's so okay go all out if it's expensive high yeah you. Also said Carla. Hay didn't have the money. They had no business getting married in the first place I. Did you not say that. Did you imagine that should know my witness stand wore my ears plan with me. I mean 861993. Of those sides. Of the brain matter let's go to the power lines Graham what do you think. Think that the I and other matters it beloved bear and it doesn't matter how big ring and it. How much you stand on it yourself let me Brothers and it didn't matter maybe you're not in the big green. Maybe even this early in London that you never know if that's true. Yeah see. Yeah I like you'd pick you pick their Kanye or wait he particularly big and beautiful but it got it caught. No I'm something. Yeah Andrews. Yeah yeah. Note Cubans are currently I'm sorry cannot I feel like that ends and oh yeah and all the precincts herdsmen yeah. It's. And greenery and you're on your finger exactly and okay yeah I felt like and doesn't matter at Rockefeller and bear it I don't know exactly I don't blame you know thank you so much for calling her an emphatic. You do Nancy went to win the CC. Hello. Entry points I'm what do you think. Anything that we weren't my parents when I first got married they had a fire. And I who is thirty years ago and I explained this wedding anniversary big guy. I'm not my mom has like as a rock hard I think that you pay. And that is what you may get you women you know big bang and then make everything I thought they need to go. Part of thousands signals that a thought at all the final vote so I don't usually ask did you know what Collison the no money that it had no business getting married. Years dollars and and taking I don't see it get old and cultural and women who are nervous 200 reported. Armory and that was worked showing off Friday we are gonna send back your form when you get out and futile. Things or reply to grow I think that's also compared to the current two years that is so cool and I think you are so petty I don't pet me now you. You wanna make it personal time 86. A day here. Yeah. 86910. Downing Street business side of the ring mannered Carla says Dennis.