Part 1 - Girl Scout Cookies - The Hitman and Carla

Monday, March 12th

Today is Girl Scout Day, and claims some Girl Scout troops are setting up tables outside of diet center locations and medical marijuana dispensaries. Is this cruel or just good business? Listen to the conversation and calls from this morning!


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Him and Carla. Burning it's okay. Good morning welcome to Monday welcomed today's dreads still toeing tonight loose. You know she didn't know today it's a girl scout and a delicious dot com claims that some girl scout troops are setting up tables outside of him. The Weight Watchers locations most cookies and excess Weight Watchers members back between seven and nine points. And the Internet is going. Craig Perry right now. They're like girls still pursue a two inch plus some people are saying yes pretty clever some questions. Maybe mom or dad you have a girl scout. I was a Girl Scouts my daddy used to be Girl Scouts so they'd think 1993 should the girl's got to be selling these cookies outside of these diet centers and medical marijuana dispensaries what do you faint. And operators should go to around the medical there were a lot of displeasure. Comes right it's Maher is gonna have a hunch she's gonna wanna eat very got two of them are they sure it was a little girl and those things. Just didn't doesn't know the girls got to Sonoma which ties got the munchies right below the bite a lot of grab a moment there are Castro is painting the marathon in OK sorry they're aren't flashy huge. This gentleman has the munchies Girl Scouts three senate today.