Part 1 - Girls Joining Boy Scouts - The Hitman and Carla - 10/12/17

Thursday, October 12th

The Boy Scouts of America just announced they will allow girls to join starting next year. Listen to your calls...


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I'm Carla hanging with you it's the hit Manning Carlin he's taking half a few days Indian stock went through my own. Right so we've been talking about the announcement. The Boy Scouts made recently they're allowing girls to join the club. The cub scouts starting next year lots of calls. I mean this is a really big stories I'm still taking your calls on this we're gonna go to the mine in half I turn any 3.5. Days who is then. What do you think about the Boy Scouts admitting girls. I think it should be even I don't know I. I'm very tired right there that morning he urged I have played well look like that aren't what if there's a big big difference because you. I mean I start thinking here's a different experience doing some. Being that the boys got offer and then turn around your home and that the girl got up there he normally. A fortune main categories and figure out because after years. Can't protect. They're singing girls do cards and it's it's all selling cookies and stuff may be in still other skills. Yeah I wouldn't second I think that is pretty cool is that I don't. I don't see why exactly what it was going to be noticed some pretty good look that look like you're burning to your car crash. So I flags. Kelly good point there are like why can't the bracelet antiques okay what are Matthew thank you so much for listening in the morning okay now a partner direct. Re interesting I'm curious to see. How this alone can now turn any 3.5.