Part 1 - Going On A Trip After 5 Dates- The Hitman and Carla

Friday, February 9th

According to a survery, a majority of women said they'de be willing to go on a trip with a guy after only 5 dates. Is this too early and too trusting? The Hitman and Carla have two different stand points, and so did all the listeners. Listen to the conversation and phone calls from this morning!

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Point five pound more in play healthy men and Carla Valentine's Day next Wednesday perhaps. Some of you are going to go out of town would choose special. Yeah. This weekend. But Karla says did you spend five days. It's too soon. Should go out and talented guy. I disagree. Ice age if you go to Madrid with a guy. Like five times. At least five times let's just say back. At least five times a concern about a talented guys. Carlos. I need and you know interesting personal yes I think it's too soon. And a couple weeks ago we talked about how the majority of women say that they'd be willing to go on a trip with a guy after only five days and I just think. It's too early it's too trusting you don't really know this next person in my opinion well enough to just pack up. In go out of talent and because guess what it once you get out of town you're stuck. With this person if it's to their penal deer herd or if they have these where had she didn't know about or they're just little psychotic. Did I hear. 86910983. Where malaria on the phone is in Toulouse Seoul after five days to got a towel on and did what the guy I mean you guys are going to conserves. Even after the servicemen and I could have an impact. I need be nice. Good way to. They should drug did not. Lee Dugard only if timing actually kind of shed that could look and disaster. Well it was a pity that del I met him I think freely around. Why and I'm glad I'm really pulled out. Accessed they want a ticket sales channel we tell all the Leon back everything with all the while we're there are you about another yeah. And that's not really at some parents aren't. And that is so it got it was OK until the dress fashion that are really awkward if there's a separate cars like. Fibers that our he not like you're agreeing with me and I'm right and I was just likes of me. Enron and what theatrical and given the cold shoulder in the car pregnant and management overhead and that's a bit of arch your back there and I don't want to talk about it and may be right hello and I don't I don't right here and we saw a light dark. I'm not a man. Good two way shift the. Usually when. And how it's not been happening and I think that was the problem. Lol I cannot see your critics and some things not only yeah yeah. Oh my god I'm so I brought OK the prosperity that I'm not an everybody would you that he's dead end and the nod yeah. Yeah there's not cool. Did. OK pretty much do you do for Hariri and Sudan and dallas'. Don't feel appreciated. Your. He once won the majority of women are gonna agree with me fellow. Why inside the day goes only Lotta time around and they wouldn't yeah. I'm not gonna and it's. But says and then I. Mean you're thinking and can tell you it's insane right. You know I'm a woman and only known for being. Also has the least talent and oh yeah and not tell where it is yeah. I cannot do and in none of Karl looks to allay. Any. Her drawers are important. Since 910 not enjoying. Fine day this isn't true solo goal I don't talent on a day with a guy I say it's not Carlos and stay at school early it's too soon what usage.