Part 1 - Jasmine's Best Friend Pregnant - The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, November 29th

Jasmine called in this morning UPSET over her best friend announcing she's pregnant. Listen to why, and listen to your phone calls! 


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Apparently point 5 some drama this morning you can just telemann jasmine called into the show her best friend is pregnant. And she's mad at her friend is pregnant why is because they lit up promising high school the day we're never gonna happen kids. It didn't most of this part of what you just a few moments ago on power about a 3.5. As a high school we've made a comment in the clearly bad days it's that they're connected or bats together we'll show kids that make it hard Haley can go well and you know I just thought having irresponsibility. That's all attain and that's to see. Yeah so she's mad. How shallow. And Carlos. And makes me so like she's in the French ship for all of the wrong reasons like you're not. Friends with someone yeah. To have a drinking buddy your friends with someone. To have someone to confide in and that's like your role dogging you guys you know your best easy stuff to get you grow together and it's like they're growing in different directions now GAAP. Calls are going crazy go ahead girl. Phat pat her red branded as their best friend I think back you know. If the board or Bartlett I mean. I have got my best friend actually marked as they're both a little bit different firmly backs are you'd figure all the time and we're still pretty young but you know you. Because the art have a baby you're if you're gonna be her best friend. Or heard. Actually yeah and I think you're spot on comment congratulations to your sister and a new bridge I appreciate your call him up for a lot of join and then on the conversation this morning okay. He's oh wow this seat twin sister how about that hello Colin had a drink a lot of water in the world is going on what jasmine. Yeah they just hey there. Yeah great don't have to be here let me have a bribery and Ed I'm worried about him yet he was always. I they did have a great v.s. Out an eight hour. And then and I don't think the good our story and. Since I don't know it wasn't just me when I don't I heard in the told ever boy cheap flat out does not like baby daddy hanging. I. Are. Yeah yeah content and some jealousy Lee thing outright sale. In. Barbara. Still active shooter go over those incidents and all that stuff that's tough BitTorrent. But it helped. Angels CEO of that city it's you that's a that's a real momma right there I UK government army and you can cover up my kids. These eggs did anybody tell me. Walls and how she hasn't learned. It all started reported side.