Part 1 - Joint Facebook Account - The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, February 13th

Do joint Facebook accounts say that you don't trust your mate, or is it really saying how much you love them? Listen to everyone's opinions from this morning!


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Carl and I Eric Adams again because Scarlett yet again. Right. Unless you explore. I mean you're talking about friends who have. Joining FaceBook account I don't I don't have wanted to. Him and then thinks it's a complete lack of trust. But I think that's not necessarily true. You know I have friends who have joined FaceBook becomes apparent holes Steve Levy relationships because look I don't. No my source I don't remember the year but there is a study saying social media age. Has the cost. An increase in divorce is is especially FaceBook because sometimes there's just no blurry drain lines in areas and so. Some people solve this by having a joint FaceBook accounts. Are you quite done well I'm just us. Haven't been home to restrain myself from making any comment I want to allow you a fair. Amount of time true expression. Leaves him in as to why you think this is good. By the way in my life to strengthen. Greg in the Cole Williams fushi say. You have a smiling and saying. Yeah you know it's gonna. I don't believe you I think she requested a U. And a relationship people who love them personally you have to have your old self identity and your own self expression today. That's controlled by somebody else who wants the blues around a man whom I know. I think you're all endgame in normally you can only go so far from the courtyard houses that you cannot. You individuals' FaceBook account is ridiculous I'm sure. As you know. I dream. To the highest degree I was exaggerated. Thank you won it since 1993. Joints is little doubt what do you say. That's my best there you have it don't trust this isn't easy for me the other 10 massive truss. It's just pregnant women need is joint FaceBook or else you thought she's got a magnet. That's the vision good then good US bank did not necessarily. And it might give them in a panel piano very. Thank you so much maybe I loved it seems a little red. Russell smashing fellow ready 3.5. What do you drink it. I don't know that was going to kill me in New York from 2 ladies this morning because I. Yeah I think second call these guys are really brilliant thank you sir and these go. So it was good yeah. Well we're doing until this morning and they saved students is so important dry cleaned and. Green way kids may then. It's raining and I am I I am glad she you know I know our. Our own a prairie daily new hat like he'd say yeah our own identity. And then together for eight years the very end let me know that I know why can't. You can't but I didn't want their favorite him. Fine. Thank you I learned OK everybody has spent. I guess I was a very good this is how come you know a strong woman idea I wanted to I don't I don't think you see.