Part 1 - Kids Breaking Things - The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, June 19th

What is the most expensive thing you or your kid broke? Listen to everyone's phone calls from this morning!

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3.5 pound wanted to play helps manage growth we're talking about the most expensive thing you ever broken you guys didn't hear the news yesterday out of over one part. Having a lot of people animus conversation this morning gab a kid's knocked over the statue at our reason. There's video on it and you can see the little kid watching that's assists. Little house statues and glass statue looks really expensive and is up doing just hugs it. Well slowly just statue just falls to the ground and like I should even checked to be out online that. Stuff art museum filed insurance. It's an insurance since the parents aid bill for this broken statue of 132000. Dollars can you imagine getting that. In the mail that invoice. And so me and him and we're talking you know let's looks expensive saying you know like your kids ever brokers some you did as a kid. And I was just remembering when I was like five years old. And I was on my grandma and Grandpa's house and I was plant outside with my uncle I will move just. Throwing rocks or some for some reason and I threw a rock group heart in my grandpa had like this school bus that he always had his whole life sitting outside the house. Iraq flying and hit one of the windows on a school bus and it just shattered everywhere and I just like froze and I slowly turn my head and let them uncle Kyle. And he's a solution I mean you slowly starts. Walking backwards towards the front door of the house I'm like. But can't until until things like I'm not not like OK boy you know he's as she's walking in. Slowly doesn't a house in snitch is on me and I told my grandpa that I broke out the window when momma so matter of knocked over brand new TV rural and boy meant the ground before their 400 ever got to journals where it's gonna. It is your turn into the matter is three the most expensive thing you know. Or your kid ever broke who was Edward. Give me emotional most couples when they got married above my boy does she because she had a canary yellow white Juan Pierre where people are ready black and and I got more more and have figured out won't oh and our Golden Globe street greed and of course from her about her caught period saw no I don't look back home at like eight member ever happened. And we'll make a marker saying they're called all border relive them like four. How good a lot of them yeah. They should still go up whenever you. You dude I got a similar story my brother had a card the when he was. High school when I jumped in the driver's seat and popped a bad boy in reverse all world guy and now what did you do who ran right through history here after. I yeah. Move over there. You're not that urge you better than they were making great jubilation Abdul judge a little blip in. But I didn't. The boy. Sir I did not only that little. Oh my good dude that is so fun. I'll never forget that you never forget that man I appreciate the historical what does this morning thank you assert how Mac minutes. Most expensive thing you know your kids. Ever broke 86910983. Colleges power and every three point shot.