Part 1- My "Old Lady" - The Hitman and Carla

Thursday, November 30th

Are you someone's "old lady?" We're talking about nicknames your signifcant other has for you- that you may or may not like. Listen to your calls now! 


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And so the derby to empower every 3.5 oh sorry 730 room blew. Got to tell you summed it what you story went through my doctor earlier in the week. Give rarely do doctor's office. And this guy really nice guy and he serves and all Lily tells me you're on the radio station up there. Should be rough and you know I saw his quote unquote old lady infections and older at all. I think I dis yeah I mean I don't know I. Tony don't play around casinos I despise that role OK he'll be like this is my old lady in a look at him casinos on I'm and I 'cause amount front of people might come. Mike why you commie and he's just smirking I'm like I hate when he called old lady. I know looks like a term of endearment some people's ideas and awarded I wanna know why don't men call the women in their lives. Our old lady. Fully needy. I don't ACS. And the mile limbs loosen right. Well we don't know why don't men call the women in their lives my old blades each and believe these doorman have a name for you know a couple of guys on the phone right now what you call the woman here wants you're you're old lady. Rare look at it and figured if things don't color changing color yellow. What they know they've union and she really old ladies and really mean what you don't get over her legs it's small lady you know. Someone who's really yeah. It really is a term of the McDermott has gone a little thing it means that this is the one you gonna stay return to this old game needs McCracken. It yours is clearly a car from Richard now oil column bond girl home when you're not come on girls ladies do likes you you really. Yeah. You don't want to tell you. Think this morning and they didn't look too was okay what are they miracle you'll go wow just hated it. You're not buying that excuse. Me 3.5 what are. All the generalized my old lady. Well fared well I'd like this is scarlet rampart. And Alabama and that's what everybody calls shared you know like that put everybody garbage collector but did you know that should be like your wife or. Anything like better but I've never really Erica White got better ability why it short or do it and security are not looking like the. There's a need another one now that you Honduran. One caller a parts and it's. Good colors man is that African American. Okay cool okay. I also love Carl my wife Barbara are wide or bank you know I'd already Barbara Becker garnered just like calling about healing. You know all of a you'd call a real lady there's nothing to do it like they're like oh revert to want you know what I like. Or anything else without that there Citi. My only decent team unity working feel like you're really any big. I don't know I don't know. I'll give and take people calling okayed explosive all of a guy that's militias are horrible. I'm glad I'm OK why don't you go a little widow. The old lady. Goes yeah. I couldn't trust wholly reliant on sounds like a total blank I think 86. You don't you don't.