Part 1 - Name Brand Clothes for Kids? The Hitman and Carla

Thursday, July 12th

With back-to-school shopping upon us, are name brand clothes necessary? Listen to this morning's dilemma and everyone's phone calls, including a 12 year girl who got a little too disrepectful with Hitman!

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Howard I think 3.5. If you just German M this morning. We've got to match the school dilemma that is making the power lines go crazy. We've got a lady her ex husband. Are kind of have a Milan over what kind of closed the kidneys or back to school. And mom shares her shiny stand designer label. And dad says. He's thirty years older than me you know an expensive stuff. And now she says the axis cheap. But she's like my ex is realize how judgmental kids can be who's right near him our name bring clothes really necessary. Even if you buy gently used name brand I don't think name brands are important in school almighty god really the white kids like they won't gross you. And it can be damage insults you you know. Good morning news. Less than they've been cleared that's okay then that's just then that that I don't go southern go a little led to gonna miss. Plus Laura Vanessa well so far name brand clothes really necessary lift say whoa whoa whoa whoa hello all Larry yeah. I'm well attorneys say he's their own little girl twelve year old Vanessa I don't know about William mama and daddy is the you don't recall and have grown from talking to us like that so I'm just gonna put her mouth they're going and what's up. Little girl on it's and then on the radio. Okay. Yeah making that does not even if he doesn't look for technical report back to pull my parents eat right good jobs. They don't know how we're used to Wear no. And I argued don't steer you don't take BP anyway you know now I've been tired could be in my did I hear from me. And my morning. She just said she does not like to Wear JC Penney's and she deserves her wearing maimed and mining. You talk to your parents like you talk not struggle now in modern know what the what I am I shocked right now little girl. However NASA toward every may man. Is hey you got attitude and you need attitude adjustment if you were my girl I continue to goodwill we get to stuff from back to school. Just to make. Point imperative you live yeah. All the actual I make sure I understand and that's you're twelve years old what do you say. You won't Wear inning game and what's its name brand clothing and your parents know it and they better not bring you any payments target Wal-Mart JC Penney years years crash while on loan. Yeah parents must not be home right now blu. Know you're on the phone. All right guys probably an opponent your mom and dad paid employees lively little Y guy picks Jesus I'll my. All I don't know I mean I gotta love this kind of question so like what name brands are good enough for you who led. Gucci and only you know an original one in the act is still in my holiday my seventy bad outlook section of the teens cold. Potash. OK I can't I don't know where things went wrong in your lives a little girl. Wow very NASA on the yes I really don't like Q and that means I don't want to appear anymore that you didn't pout we there's yet why don't flinch. 868 or ten that he drinks for UK car have to call you back. She did how much dead baby chicks aren't too and not really the main brand clothes really necessary and you'll do this kind of drop. I can't believe it. Does this mobile home now its power mad at 3.5 oh lord Jesus film.