Part 1 - New Relationship, New Tree? The HItman and Carla

Thursday, December 14th

A listener messaged us asking if she's crazy for not wanting to use the same Christmas tree that her boyfriend and his ex have used for years. Listen to everyone's calls!


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How about a 3.5 introduced tremendous power Matty 3.5 you understand as this great weekend that there is a little bit of unless what's called Max and the world. What car and I edits all over I'll flip them Christmas tree. You being insensitive I'm being mentioned to him now is that what you're trying to say that is correct I think knocked would you please explain to we are you. What's going on that we got a message from. A listener you name. Okay we'll call her Donna I know she wants to get an a Christmas tree. She's got to be romancing aches for her and her boyfriend to go get one together and start new traditions in their home we cannot relate to that. However purity has just fake tree that's in decent condition and he wants to keep using it. Well she doesn't want you use it because he's used this tree with an ex girlfriend for years. She's just fill in the type of way Sheen others' memories of Hammond her and the kids with the tree. He's wanted to use in she's seen the same ornaments okay no that is just extra no with the same. Anyway. I mean we all know we are marching to be a certain way and probably not the same way every year we wanna be creative in your own thing. So she's sitting in my being crazy right now our door have a point. I'm saying you're not crazy because sometimes people get a point lead Stockton or even of cancer rational and manifests and turns into this whole thing and she's not going to be able to get over this morning. Magnitude of what matters what our families what matters is when you wake up on Christmas morning and you whisk. People you love and you care about because there's no better place to beat at that moment. And then somebody express in your life and you're allowed to go oh my god betrays what's money. He's not get that kind of emotion out of the out come far and now you hallmark Christmas card okay aids since 1993. The phone calls it common and. Do you agree with Carla what he did delude. Some injuries. Board quarter. This ornaments. In your bank PLC. Yeah. It's not just what it is about her failings in her feelings are about two and that. Tiger has. There you go and you'll find win an idea. Exactly thank you Z did you big kid pants on donate net are calling all the trees far and sure low power ready three point finally what do you think I. The language is not necessarily them. Oh my. That's okay would you agree with me that the tree is not a big deal. Are like that. Yeah that could trip them about the them dream girl. I think you for Collins he would look at us and our priorities around here fellow power 93 points are good morning what do you think. I can't thank you can't let them. That means Paula. Is at play. Every year. I don't. Want you aren't meant I think that's some things are back together and compromise on tournaments I'm OK with that. Okay. And there might and go out and act on it and cool I got there. We're praying. Predictor. Stop settle. Well he knew who can you imagine them. All right Norman at some Hayward campus is another opportunity this means disagreeing with and I don't think you amount they are so low amateur. Sign. Backed it up your find more particularly its after Christmas is over when Lawrence owns 80% off. 8610983. Quarter. And you treat. Currently there's no tree icy cool.