Part 1- Picky About Going Out To Eat - The Hitman and Carla 11-14-17

Tuesday, November 14th

The Hitman and Carla got to talking about things they bring from home when going out to eat. Listen to what they bring, and to your calls! 


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Color would you care to share with our audience this morning. It's something that you and Tony do when you go to a restaurant hum I really big bill we always are bringing our own hot sauce. Restaurants never have Louisiana hot sauce they only have Tabasco MI right. Yes but Tabasco is good it's better than Louisiana hot sauce. No it's not so why don't wanna get into a bigger discussion about which is better. Well I got to think about this conversation yesterday and fearless cold and flu season. I'll guide and I am always been somewhat of a German follow OK and my wife thinks I'm crazy. Because I'm telling her. Then I wanna bring my own fortune nightfall we go out the that is site go. There's not so it's no more struggled little queasy about Sox quit don't know how that is. Yeah again I checked out you that a German phone problem because. You press you. Don't even eat cake if somebody blows at candles out on I will not do you see what's going on here he had been spent on the Kagan won't do it your own nice and Ford yes he's been oh yes. Even if it has water sparks goes back. Water supplies yeah you know the water came from a kind of came from some dirty dish or something. Hi you've gone as far as going into restaurants what my own Clorox wipes and wipe it off the table. The embassy. The secrets and underneath and. Because people touched wheels when she maintain old asks disgusting oh my god. Wow lot. I dig out my. 110 yeah and is underfunded goes on until high school. The brittle so bloody act after it. Hey I honestly. Are offering I I don't break any bing got back to bring her booted. You not speak didn't elaborate how did you not see it first by its terms would be viewed. It's obvious brain is still burning debris off work to do and if somebody does Beazer Bruce and that's. Yeah after the lead the first. Please. Yeah. I'm not a huge fan of both legs especially with their kids who aren't crazy about things that get to touch and everything to stick in your hands and that's our. Your community know that yeah. No that wouldn't assume. Oh she's not feeling 100. Hand. But. Aren't you are please take up the loose and she was raised right his daddy raised you know I. Apparently it's. I don't know only. A restaurant is actually I'm controversy let's call later you're screwed up aren't these food. I see people bring it does take its models only answer on the planet. Hey I just like me isn't that's what. I have seen people bring these rural us follow played metric can't fraternity kind of like good guys making my job force. Everybody we deal with damn thing off the table mom they stick to this yeah. I mean you're going yeah that's for each of us. She got it Chris it's like people plus I think that's Clark argued over her all over and it's got a global. See even when it received an editor so you know that's silverware this. There are I have I have only seen a plot where you want I don't plastic. He brings his only jet diva in him to act like we do that is coming up during your yeah. I thought I hit a couple I think where were her little cared. I'm not better than flat killed a man who applies to where oh yeah. Given columnist a little older are they think wow I see is a winner he's never seen out of my okay.