Part 1 - Rodger The Dodger Returns - The Hitman and Carla 1-17-18

Wednesday, January 17th

Rodger the Dodger called The Hitman and Carla with drama involving an ex-girl friend and his (gulp) wife. Listen to his dilemma and your phone calls. 


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Roger didn't guard drew who has come back. Out of the ashes we felt we were dumb what Roger only congress. A couple of months ago about humid weather FaceBook account data. We have a secret FaceBook account that he never told his wife about never told his wife about she stumbles upon it just like. What is this extra FaceBook account you have you know and in I I didn't rise to the benefit of the house just like this schoolwork you know it's just separate. I did when Roger club and I think it was a big deal right now anyway movies argument try. I don't again I had Rogers back where he called happy Kim was mourning and an ex girlfriend. That he's known for years him I guess over the holidays she's going to be here for awhile. She wants him to catch they're gonna go you know he or whatever. And here's the thing is he's considering taking her to ABI. Steak house what does it AB I seafood and chop house or something and it's nice as I should at dinner it's beautiful and it was voted. Chance most romantic restaurant I went there one year from our designs today and it is very romantic Cole he's trying to take her there. Nice couple. No you bettors take take turns to light a fast food place or go to a coffee shop grab some coffee not. Don't do any job you don't need to be doing none of that. I yeah I am your friend he had even told his wife about it. Why isn't she wanted to peoples a little little dimple Rogers thinks he's slick now that's what's going on me you know maybe men master agents took. An elderly parents gone crazy good nobody thing. Britain but Bruntlett moved about your dog's bark. What sort of opt out and whatnot. And it will get an artist you open that yet what we did a great backup of just look I got it easy for Obama value. You. How are you following your I do the same. Got a wife are all. About well I don't compound and it appears to have a product you're right everybody comes into. Yeah. Yeah after some. Here bring everybody you know water water and people don't table and make opponent you gonna go to me yeah. That's it I didn't know what we ask why we we are Eagles got good role this man. That is rather go to the row comes iron. I'm somewhat accountable yeah. Super gauntlet OK but look I broke and on the region at box office. Because you don't want to hurt and didn't get rid of what the old golf are what I and. Know the whole. Lou good Drury probably you know it's just a few pages Susan. I don't believe we'll. There are yeah. He. Didn't include all of this is my well this is no doubt its true. Good to have this morning does package. Three point oh god what do you think. Palin who knew it outlawed it ain't no way around the greens are flat and you don't go. Eat when I'm not belonging. In new yeah. Especially at these API what is. That hope all of you wrap plot and aren't even at dinner or no no. You need any. Oh integrity. I'll honey page as the generals Google me. Well no I didn't tomorrow. Grieve every dose that I have to go to a state house. In the evening this romantic setting and candles we're. Is now I don't know you. Don't tell me oh no means. I drilled into football and he still calls all the guy and a girl sums up 'cause Roger Hanson told us why he's. He hasn't even invited his wife to come along 869 tonight agreed to Howard had a three point slugger calls coming up.