Part 1 - SCAR WARS- The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, December 13th

In honor of Star Wars being released soon, we've decided to share our "Scar Wars" stories. Do you have a memorable scar or battle wound? Listen to your calls. 


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And added 3.5 and Tom what do Playhouse in Vietnam and Carlos Star Wars is opening this weekend but where do you mean round of this car. RO war doesn't let us know. You win or they know how you got your scars are crazy story about how you got yours gone. I have so many scars on my body I mean I can write a novel from all the scars that I could connect to stars game. Exactly Carlos do you go to prison guard your bellies. Hang up scar my belly contaminated in about five years ago. I was an issue cherry story of my life and my shirt was wrinkles extract mr. strangled iron was still on. So I had this genius idea I'll just. Iron a share while we're hearing it. So I held ushered out so it burn me at that steam button and swore. I would never in my life. Do that again also when I was five years old. I was out my grandpa Carlson and same car alone. Knowing how does your little dog cook name pity if she had a cast on her right foot effort I'll have to turn I was just all interface pet narron left pennies so much. In my knee hit pennies. Foot with a cast she snapped. At my face until this day I have a scar right here to write out as you go. It kind of blends my smile on the little dodgy little little sausage out of your CNN. Yeah I had was so mad he's like. And and generally she just ten days it. 86910. Knotted at three it's around NASCAR wars not a you will give you all aren't quite easy scar. Another caller good but it might interrupt them much thought in my he could 10. Brought in eight years old logo are not the plug on the micro plug bill let. Learned very strong fan you know this article my daughter's studio just doesn't. Strong enough about it now. Right now and then you know like crap gonna bomb around his bottom people that had to go to get spirited. And all of apple could. Yeah who one of them the belt or create. Should she told you I'd probably eight years. Our. Eyes. He vulnerable this painful from underneath your T end up to your cheek and another take of Derrick and he don't. Hopefully quick pickup will be Giuliani or. Do you don't know better phones heroes. Look at cesium violations going on you weren't you didn't just she's. Com my goodness still Edison crazy Star Wars story out loud thank you for colon OK get baker more scar war stories for you at 869 to 113. A crazy story about how you who. Got your stuff and on our style and added 3.5.