Part 1 - Secret Facebook Account - The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, December 6th

Roger called in this morning stressed. His wife found out he has a second Facebook account for work and all hell broke loose. Listen to your calls about Rodger's secret account!


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I'm fine Roger has the power lines all lit up this morning empower an early 3.5 MI partner. Gullible. Me and lovely lunch he is not. It gullible. Is refusing to acknowledge what is blatantly. Obvious to all of us listen this morning. That perhaps Roger. I know are doing the cult Roger Ebert Roger. Because he's like a politician he dodges what is students graduate that yeah. Doesn't. His wife finds out he has a second FaceBook account this is his work. FaceBook account so she's all upset because she didn't know about it she really wants him to add her on this account she listening password online and just 'cause you're in a relationship you're married you'll have to actually sharing everything I can have his work life. Find Carla. But the fact that matters Rogers the managers woman for 23. Years. She all of a sudden ask. After we talk about FaceBook yesterday Imus show this golf roots well her man hasn't shot and FaceBook account of what she has no clue as to how long that checking account. How has been in existence but Carl's car going crazy what do you think. That FaceBook after you would it's totally want that they look backward. Oh well yeah how could you be married to a woman for 23 years and all of a sudden have this mystery each check a book proudly. You never told you get. Like it. While it would put our careers but it. Instead getting physical we don't advocate for violence hit I don't rational way to talk this out maybe we go to meetings and. I'm sorry I. Smoke and I'll tell you discuss our women on us okay. You can afford college and wouldn't let me get a little bit of a civil response here. How incredibly quick plug the last caller says this you get up that's what he's given some artists who. Yeah I think riders riding champion if you're married prevalent. That's your you know seconds. I lectured all mean when you read or hear all that he can't share everything went backwards and then I don't I collect your comes back from the match score high. He's hiding something he can't be truthful why the. This just a little bit Od death. Deborah. I had a shot at FaceBook. That the wind doesn't know about. I think it I'm very I think it just wasn't a big deal also he didn't think anything at all to tell her about it slipped this mind. I did it was an. Oh I have a second base that's Arabs. I don't know I've seen you not tell your client that badly here. Yeah career bull and then he asked about it yeah did you notice on this he was bobbled a week you. Great question yeah yeah I was at a time and place and it comes clean I'm like no they're not hiding any any act. Answer your question with a quick and you know. Yeah me he sure did she know guilty we're not too guilty girl I didn't parliamentary 3.5 go and. Aspect that listed the average are these right. I think that our ballpark and on that little break ready. Because the sun machine even have a reason not to trust him you know what I mean I concede they have like a history of all this crazy drama separate the man has his professional FaceBook work. I count I don't know what. OK I don't bank not banker I appreciate the call what do you think. Hey TE. He's been an idea what exactly is good for the. I don't look helpless I. Mean you know. I know we're on some nonessential staff this morning. Yeah well right now our ear that you can be brought in as a premiere I'm telling you why ain't what do you. Need to know about it and yes. I mean I know there. And perhaps not that. In and out about that and I work and it whatever fine. To illegal. Yes and you need to grant her a quashed. Yeah and you've got to thank you for calling and I appreciate fifty people but luckily this NASCAR. There are pirated 3.5. Here and help my boyfriend how do you think that he and a lot of it more apparent. That meant and why and what her pleasure he and I am I'm not certain that's. And she. Yeah I mean how about my record here he had it not hurt or out of the air he. And I can see everything that aren't doing it. Outward now yeah I want your respect. Issue that we can't hear Mary get your whole. You're still individuals here and you don't have that ability to how FaceBook is. Merit difference here though. You know about the FaceBook page she didn't you are stranded on a FaceBook page she isn't. It hurt speculation yeah see it being shady. There is something going knock. All right thank you for college neat yeah sure did little odd.