Part 1 - She Already Has My Picture Framed- The Hitman and Carla

Thursday, May 24th

How soon is too soon to put someone's picture in a frame? Listen to today's dilemma about an online dating issue that's gotten a little creepy.

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However isn't point five cowboys play houses and a girl. We have drama we have every emotion on a high level with one of our listeners who met a woman online and thank god for once. And Lawrence. We can show I was Childers won in happy to report. The terrorists love that between these two that is starting. This sort of like a little seed you put the ground to drool over it. Do you want her to be nurturing and you go out every day is the sun rises to Sheikh. How far this either sprouted and grown into the ground and then all of a sudden they get some Don because this I go to a. Sounds again. That's since then comes this guy age issue until the land. We got a message from this guy isn't talking to a girl he met online. Nice right no we don't. Twelfth save me texting and talking on the phone constantly think she's so cool. And they went out for the first time the other night had a balloon is actually have the best time ever. Well so she invite him back to her place in the Macon now on the go from the couch to the bedroom. He did serve her own you know she turns a lampoon to handle. Nixon I candle. He noted she had a print it how. Pigs yeah. Conventional Smart and you link is to make sure. She does is we weren't supposed to see and that. Why do you make an example. I'm just saying if there's a list of rent. Flags like on Google this would be one of them. Now. Oh big time and I'm gonna face let you guys turn 95 you can chime in their fuel tank getting its phone lines going. Crazy. And I'm pretty sure we're gonna group is because this. This is like just city's offense and his friends think it's six cycle once they get off the fence and freaky run home she's weird now when he's in a car. Pencils flattered not and I get that you're Eagles acknowledges that a picture we are I think this week you know we have a. Sure on the phone is one of our regulars at listens to his every morning thanks a lot butch. What is anybody well. Are are clear now go through a lot better relationships our lives are putting your church I cry or you might present course glory years job. Clark Darth. Didn't you never know Chris well like ginger jar shoring up at 10 o'clock the period saying well it's he. Shot past experiences soldiers who your wares are stricter reporting or Kirsch who would. Approach experienced. That are in the back your head why Africa opens. Because you never know. Like she served zero to a hundred reported me let me. I feel great. You never know you never know integrated virtual worlds and you do one is saying no no number. Good what they're calling Clinton's home and when she broke zero to a hundred. From the Atlantic coast don't change who inherit you're your own one car. He's in the top. Government. We can't let. I'm glad we got. You're welcome aboard to listen to us every single morning you know Israel Maine hello quarterly 3.5 what do you think. Is it it's completely not normal but I don't think he's bitter and I think she was trying to plotters and bite you eat it. I will you it was a sweet gesture. All non OC I think she kind it'd just like planet and be right behind skating. Well he had he can't think about it I mean if he went over there and there are no pictures. I mean it feel like well issue really that enemy and he now extinct in the wild Amy that girl really isn't anything maybe she did it on purpose. There that he knows that he can think about all the time. SOA suite cashier didn't nineteen gesture I'm just film's most since I'm so happy for him. Those are some. He's found somebody that obviously the guy's been lonely he's been looking for girl online he's finally met someone they're talking or texting she's got a picture and she really likes him I think it's beautiful sweet. Comedy. I mean if you watch my other people like you believe that picture off their balances are all their bread so maybe. He's not back and a virgin and different numbers you like yes that's it guys that I. Seen armour who moved. What do you do I'm glad you see what I achieved good here's what. Stairwell that have a stake in new welcomes you picked another woman to understand that but yet he Ryan and the guy in the room he's series. So Sharon he's just not into Lebanon through this is just a little sweet and gunning down.