Part 1 - Should I Co-sign? The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, June 12th

A listener messaged us for some advice about her boyfriend who asked her to co-sign for a new car. Should she do it? Listen for all the details plus everyone's phone calls from this morning. 

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Our primary 3.5. Wins you're just talk and end. This winning has a boyfriend who has given her the most outlandish excuse as to why she should co signed. Play new car he's telling her if she's co signed for the card it's gonna fix his family problems. It's gonna fix his job problems. It's gonna fix their relationship are you kidding me. I listen. Listen I understand what you're saying. But what he's saying is you know transportation will help will help them get to that job. Few she'll have to take him everywhere from now on we all need a little help from time to time and we memory to remember that one person who like went out on the limb for us okay. It's kind of risky but it. There why not just don't want. Herschel went out on the limb because you display in pretty good it's a pretty good risk. That one person said OK you know what you've been doing it thank you AMBER Alert this. Not so much continue to do until about 869293. Cheese she says she's not watch. Yeah actually she puts her name on that loan. H six I until not a dream that hit man a Colin Powell I'm just going doorway girl how. It's just looks I don't know it's. An every we ate a rat hole. Oh that's right. It's how you want to call it comes to get you aren't there. Yet it's an issue of course the report adds heat. I guess there are ranch medley and the you think you can do you beat the court you know they're bad. Appeals. Let me go right at the end of the band you need to get dealt the barriers and what are the my dad had gone in particular career Barack and garlic. I could tell it girl tell I had a minimum my eyes each candidate credit union Obama. Why. No. Yeah. And finally what do you teach them. Yeah definitely big they. Third of their relationship bill if Blair Albion together for awhile why not let our Coast Guard. You need a other bills sometimes people just need that chance to turn things surrounding gets them going in the right direction they're bloody leather. They're in a relationship. And see obviously them. The lives when the love and trust and I. Another darned good OK mentally it's very I was gonna okay thank you are UK's when he worked regularly with I'm. Not going anywhere with that cool and their right mind is gonna close up and paychecks until Mediterranean. Now might get some help there who pays my left hello Carla now. You don't talk. To witness. It just takes that one chance. To go in the right.