Part 1 - Sleeping In The Nude Debate - The Hitman and Carla

Monday, December 4th

Do you enjoy sleeping in the nude? Listen to your phone calls now! 


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It's just generally end of its power and every 3.5. Kind of go back over the story last week about the syndrome that you have these underwear. That you Wear for multiple days in a row you should do more everything. Well because they get bacteria in the nasty E. Coli in some of the matter how many times wash them. You should just awesome. Hasn't sniffed and again. And my thing is. Let us and I like to repeat Jason maybe it's an irrational fear but ever since I was just. You know. Fiber six I wicked and an all night like. Summers in breaking in the house I hear no ways I would freak out and so many things I would call the cops in the middle of the night. And my mom and wake up to cops knocking on our door. And like in the house. Never. We've never did relative well so I don't wanna play a minute you didn't stop there and don't let your mom and dad know that the thought somebody was and how do. I was scared. Usually got a recipe for abusing animals once and please send us. I don't know how laid down to their rooming and wake him up so I just took it in my own hands and called 91 wind and I don't wanna be vulnerable if someone does break in and I'm my butt naked it's like what do I do ominous feel like I'm not like okay. Gonna protect myself and I gotta have like OJ is on time. So. I would say you sleep and buff. Hamas I'm a tough guy called today. Just chill you like it and your birthday shoot 8691093. So argued team Carla. We usually put your PJ his arm. Stop making it sound light I am what I'm sorry this what do lettuce adore you little life wasn't change what is it. Let them discredited higher in correctly. It seeks guidance they bury. Are you Carlo it. We are gonna take all this stuff up before your brilliant genius man you just pop up. To about a bad people. Are you seeing concordia. Seemed hit then you make your sound so like vibrant it is when you do that you've. They're gonna side as you age six until mandatory once. And you on CNET Nancy and I. But in news. Atlanta home only now when you're better. I. Opened the city alone and you don't welcome to the team that's. CE that's one for me Carlin I'm real power and I did 3.5 do you team Karl or team hit man this morning. It's these two women to hit me and feet past couple hanging. Naked completely. Completely Wu. He lets them right there where if you. Do you think you so much and the size of the get up in the middle of the night that's just one less than be got a limited power house like I. You caught our team now what it comes to sleeping naked or with colds are. And it did. And now are you going to be alone shoulder this morning adult there's nobody that's obviously with the PGA is on hello. It 3.5 what do you do and it worked out. Yeah. Home. Carlos. Carla in your mind to try different things in the day. Now yeah yeah and usually act when I can't. Oh my god. Yes. It is ridiculously hot bath and Carlos says PJ is all day. She hit man says let alone. Anger you sound boring. The media have long boring today PGA is like I'm six restrict what ever. Well if you can call it whatever you like boring and I wouldn't have clear she's Jewish you're born.