Part 1 - Smelly Co-Workers - The Hitman and Carla

Monday, January 22nd

What's the protocol to address a smelly co-worker? Listen to your calls now! 


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I don't even when Viacom wanna play house to hit man a girl who little dunk. That'd stones. Let's talk about the co workers will make our power lines go crazy this morning bridges to limit and may I. A woman in Indiana who talked about this. Few weeks ago I don't know went skiing but she was fired after she started hanging air fresh ears around we office because his guy she worked with smelled like. It's not really bad okay she claimed she was creating this tossed out working environments is totally slipped an honor. Is she got fired soar like what's the protocol. Of course stinky. Coworkers are you supposed to say any thing or. Listen this lady in Indiana this all could have been avoided. If she would have been straight up engines just said something. Like led dude I don't know what's going on smell like do do I need to fix it out of the nineties and day out. Analysts issue is but when you come in at work you're messing with my personal space and I can't focus you've you've got any straight Evansville right. They sit you Steve go what are your possibly take you straight up tell this guy. He smells she's does not protocol. These were rule book how to handle stinky co workers. I don't think everybody mills and I challenge you to pull out in his employee handbook Emanuel to the fund deception about how to deal. We're personal hygiene and stinky coworkers. There's no answer he don't know I think about it they talk about hygiene but they never like you said they never talk about how to handle it. If it's a cost problem you should just leadership Howard Bennett also. Don't know what kind of work you do that. I say. I'd say you don't go and confront and Smart dog because then you're gonna end up like that lady in Indiana he's gonna end up getting fired. Agents tried to get married three to power to going crazy part in general stinky co worker go ahead. Right. I think. They should use it until it plays well. You're married or although I'm they'll blunt guy. That it state. That he had this thing where he'll need to teach our I don't think I'm so we can get used elderly. Chemicals and yogurt or whatever dude who uses aren't what is aren't. But don't bring that. It's time. They're apparently went states are like this I'm back at work wouldn't you have. Somewhere else. Oh look they put him somewhere else where he was refueling trucks that are remote volume by itself. That's all my god the guy got reassigned because he was funky shot himself is funny good job yeah you don't age I. Thank you for color that's what is solvable problem but he leaves the current trend these are good and their families. Current 3.5. Oh yeah the lost one occur. Right now literally in the arraignment this guy within the last I minute. And then they're that lingers at bat your eyes a low water. Like. She's kind of these big actor being in there. The won't TJ knows all of the kitchen. And that at a ball and everybody else but oh my god not all of that smell like. I don't guide. Just a boy CU and Jules yeah are. Accurate. And you've gotten out yeah so now that. I'll do well that's that's a question I always say don't use about that. That's hilarious though OK using aborted and confront Colleen okay yeah. Oh my god we should do what you should what's the protocol there are no clue Rick funerals and the only employee Kendall. About how to handle stinky co worker agrees. He's six until he nodded yeah you deal with that car and out power and added 3.5.