Part 1 - Sneaking Into My House- The Hitman and Carla

Friday, January 12th

A listener called in stressed about his girlfriend's dad. Listen to the dilemma plus this morning's phone calls! 


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Howard are you 3.5 to come out and play how's the hit man and probably just kill a man well we have one of our listeners who didn't get as many. I just was about to ask you if we ever his name I know him. Saying first of all. Eighteen year old guy's got a girlfriend she's a pain in Hoboken high school I mean she Elizabeth Preval and that he lives with his mom and as the date for four months. Sunday morning 7:30 AM dad walks into his daughter's bedroom and who's laid up with his daughter in the bedroom. It is the boyfriend of four months yeah. And amp and the guy didn't like jump out of those us assembled for coaches like should mirror like. Yeah can I help you sit that's theft. Got to tell you yeah. I don't my daughter's room listened to live up in my house. But there's going to be some issues yeah I'd be living in the recent trials and tribulations. But can I say something please I mean I would be livid Tressel have a daughter I get it but a couple of sayings. They're both eighteen I'm just saying they are both eighteen they were fully clothed and they were coddling. You know so he's yeah. You guys laughing I don't know yeah. The violence I don't think we didn't it needs to be solved because you mentioned this earlier the more you try and stop something the more they're gonna train and be together and so I think a solution is a pan Alley to sit down and get to know each other why have they not met each other 8619. Not a three what do you do you walk into your daughters are better room at 7:30 AM Sunday mornings he would do what he's a dead. I too had not allowed our words are there aren't you if you are a few steering gear you're. Daughter flown all the heat are affected my little girl clothes sings like she doesn't feel like she's and then you. OK okay yeah I was already keywords in there do you think you're sitting there. No one's similar to a different story right now. Malvo replied no more. How are you may have a total bed now to daughters of the rules are different I got that okay. Yankees no children no girls kind of club how Willamette that's pure Wichita. Can shoot somebody hello Howard had a 3.5. What do you think. You deal with the situation. I. Dot oh boy in Hebron and stuff out and round match and now today. It. You know you don't know I was mad cow yeah every parent. Certainly the second gunman went up this. Yeah yeah. You think can this be fixes are anyway this. This dude can access. Yeah I eat it that it thought that that. Playing him about it happening and who can afford it honors will be added Val yeah you know. And I know until you know the problem that bothers me more than anything. He's been with this growing for months and she has not yeah you can use him to her parents might just hold some accountability of for the girlfriend why hasn't she introduced the 2 PM what does this have not heard a Biden all doing overtook parents announces she's live a man and doing whatever does not obeying just watching cable. Now he's calling and calling it formed my heart you rooting on all different and it's there in the end the summit it. Again this isn't going off the decision amounts momma and daddy don't rebate Shimizu. All right they can for Colin 8692. And 93 this is crazy to me. How do you view the relationship with a guy for four months and you don't know your daughter's Dayton want gas. Com Alex Pollock added 3.5.