Part 1 - Stripper Dilemma With Bill - The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, December 12th

"Bill" called us this morning for some dad advice for his soon-to-be 21-year-old son. Listen to the dilemma and your calls now! 


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He just turning them power outage 3.5. Oh or eight K Jay bell and bill junior can he. Bill junior is turning 21 anyone's dad. Didn't take care. Of the strip club when when bill once the bill junior and sets arm. Your birthday is coming up he's not going to be 21 to probably imagine. What he'll want to do sonim does celebrate. Bill junior say this. How one anonymous. Club if you Danny. Not a big deal. And here's the thing. I feel like you only turned 21. Once and I'm not gonna use the term yellow that's played out. Think she'd do long you live ones. And it's not like Billy saying I hate. Dad let's go to the strip club every single week game you need Powell Z we're gonna be but he's saying complimentary wine dad you know. Mean my friends wanna go to the strip club I want you to be a part of this let's find out it'll be fun one have a blast. And bill. Says he's a lot where he's like Torino is this morally messed up should I know. I think you should in the race sit and look at it as Billy junior who you praise all these years wants to have a blast hits. Huge and well look you find. What are we teaching our kids that's what I wanna know. 8691093. It's a bad. Bad choice. What are your bank city. Take your son of a strip clubs. I've seen is at stake in his it's your last. Yeah. Yeah just beginning to like your kid have to plan your monitoring how much he during that he's not drinking Hendry Lou. Brand monitoring and get you to watch them you know and it's pretty good. OK and start after this morning thank. I cannot believe the women are suggesting that this is a good guy yeah I am appalled. Hello it's important I what do you think. I've got him yet. I got a fact that I got out there are problems. There did you say your husband he says. Yeah at the ball so hard. Okay thank you oh yeah now to the center and a stripper distracted enough. Republican and options should allow power management reported side what do you trick. Hey he's 41 years old and he's going to strip club weathered his dad made from her now ditto. Yeah I mean I think is his school he and included bad medical weapons you know. Laughs so Bradford and do it. Where are the morals of our society. Where there a bonding moment I went up I moment at a straighten up. Okay not that. I. What triggered a clear and I. Our blood we can do it colds and I don't see it take to keep the tennis didn't like hum hum snakes. You don't want I don't want it cleaned. I break out of the big plus to pull that leg off and they bring wanna I wanna I love you. I would beg him.