Part 1 - Tattoo Permission...Is this weird? The Hitman and Carla

Thursday, July 19th

The Hitman and Carla received a call from a woman who needs advice about her sister-n-law.  Should you have a say-so in whether on not someone can get YOUR name tatted on THEIR body? Where do you draw the line? (Pun intended) Listen now for the full scoop. 

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You don't call a good show all the time OM. Somebody online career wants to talk loses more intense thanks for holding appreciate you waking up this very day what does what's up good morning welcome Donna 3.5. Good morning. And hard she Barbara thank you show on my way to work I didn't vote and goes you are a couple times on higher. Cool cool to lose you lose. Here's my situation I Stanley recently walked or Robert treat mood actually brought her. Call oh whoa wait a minute your family lost a great friend that was sure like a brother to the family yet on our launch so sorry to hear rat out my condolences. So much I appreciate that so. There I mr. mom. She thought she want it yet signature touch. And I have no idea the dead guy right she wants to give his sorry don't. Yeah she wasn't getting his signature tattooed. And early. His term I think wow and I don't. Only issue wanna guess his signature chant cheer on her arms but seagate later she decides that she's gonna get both her Brothers means. Catch it on her arm to. All anxious moments just not always think about is why I I guess so you know Warner Bros. I had brought out. She's excited that he's getting its name tattooed on her she'll want to get my name and picture captions on her he time so my question as you say. What I wanna get their main attitude are you or their names. There are thousands of years. You know why I think you if you're a lot of the huge. The right tool. Prove it now you're gone on OK okay yeah. Even benefits of like a family because this is a far and I think it's relish being able to improve whether they get that image or name tattooed on somebody else is gone it's not a family member hold on both think they're Laporte and Carlos you moral America. Full freedom of expression nobody you don't get to say is what somebody it's tattooed on them it's their skin freedom that's their bodies are skin they can get attached to whatever the hell they want my opinion you know what it's it's a family member or even an image of a family member do you should give my permission. Before you put my name on your body. And because I think there's something fundamentally wrong with what would you add man asks a personal I. I understand is still kind of weird especially she is all of a sudden getting all these tattoos on her but I still like it's freedom of expression my anyone can do whatever they want tattooed on them it's their money it's their skin I feel like nobody really how does. I shouldn't tell and I. Yeah outlet they have what are someone else's name hit men are great they get that tattooed on Tuesday want more we do you I know you can't get that tad don't you stop. Hair thicker grip Eric Perrin and you being you know like hey since 1993. This is a very good question this morning should so I'm I have your permission before zinc tacked to Jordan came on the air bar. Because Andre Jim did disembodied tattoo on my name on her body and I'm now where it's unlikely that. Time now. What the hell that means everybody Carlo I think your name tattooed in my body you got nothing to do about it and I know I don't know why does say you can't do sure. And that's not call I don't agree it's at 91093. What are you guys that.