Part 1 - To Tell Or Not To Tell - The Hitman and Carla 11-17-17

Friday, November 17th

A listener needs advice this morning about airing her sisters dirty laundry! Listen to your phone calls about if the truth should come out! 


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The power are going crazy things to Trenton out of three is more empowered added 3.5 YB costs. What are our list as hasn't dilemma whether sister she needs our help. Her sister Shannon has always been kind of a party girl and irresponsible. And her sister's been hanging with this guy Collins now Colin hangs out all of their group of friends right. Well she likes him so much chant and that she wanted to get pregnant with his babies he would release her looks shady in the stupid she told calling and think she was already six weeks pregnant and that it was OK to have unprotected sex well. She wasn't six weeks pregnant but calling and did gain our brand name. And he has no idea how she tricks him. And I just like everybody needs to come clean with those like beyond his first call it a pity the timeline isn't an add up. Six weeks is right. Over a month what's so confident spend an upset cold I competent doctor would go to be early. And pizza run fast. Everything hit the sisters Neeson tells Colin that this is all screw and then she lied to land there and now he needs to know what kind of Hurst and her sisters I know that's a sister and I. Mean she's been out of their business. Colin he's. Looking didn't protect us Augusta these kind of a duel for us on this web page 692 not three week I got on the phone. I want you to win. Philadelphia. Martin hit bad side and let this dude sweated out these guys first Dhabi should not even have the upper deck spectacle even a girl. He visibly pregnant. Angered you and I get a he was done but this is still his life on the line this kid's life on the line you've got to shoot he she's got it. No I gotta tell somebody what do you. He's got to believe got a lot of blood and he's he's should know his girlfriend thank you know not that bumper like that. I'll come off hundreds of all telemundo and yeah it's actually. High price to pay for one night and who else you know what thank you sir I appreciate it Josh she's not only. Understand these things Carla hello how many great quite fun what do you think the ideology usually you I mean. Yeah yeah. You figure I'll let you know what seemed. Like that but the girl talk about it but they'll. Get what you know he. Only thing. DC thirsty needed parliament speaker retired have a little bit I think I'm parched and. Yeah. I felt about what they felt it didn't go I don't but did it look Fred let me back to us about that. Exactly yeah yeah I'm with you I'll get an anti Curome thank you hello yeah. And about the beavers Turkey served up on the table since. Do you drink it how do you say nothing and I say don't do say no word won't leave that SAS saint Pete Karl Karl.