Part 1- Thanksgiving Dinner Fee - The Hitman and Carla 11-8-17

Wednesday, November 8th

Should dinner guests pay money to whoever hosts Thanksgiving dinner? Listen to your calls with The Hitman and Carla! 


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It just truly man's empowered every 3.5. This morning I make him any public proclamation. That's Thanksgiving dinner it could going to somebody's house don't bring up. I batted tips that he got on Clinton felons so dramatic don't bring those dollar 49 paper napkins. Bring us money. This morning we're actually talking about him immunity escape. We teach kids things. And don't cost a lot of money and I say you know what I don't know the baucus. Thank you now go eat. Are you said you may get five dollars may get ten dollars prepaid. Forget Thanksgiving dinner no sure when you and I Thanksgiving at generalizations you got to take reservations at a restaurant and you agreed to have things gaming at your house. You have taken on the that burden of having family or friends over. And they have them brings up the tab in recent food have them brings them play aides have them bring whatever but fuel charge at the door you dream of the Hud and then you pitching hand out like. Saturday ten dollars and by the way. Nobody's gonna wanna come your thing don't ask don't postings giving that I your house then. Job is on the phone with me. At 86910983. John do you agree that you should pay for Thanksgiving at the house don't you yeah. Because. I have budget smoker my backyard is about families are always. Did Goldman or around all of that is they want me to bug me not not a problem. These guys but it was startled the world often. Provide me the okay. Straight out to me motivate for twelve hours a man. I don't it doesn't even know he. He doesn't know when we don't think he's got a farm boundaries have this twelve was a smoke a cigarette tax. I saw it before and it didn't have nearly twelve hours John. Or you want people to help contribute with the food. And that's supplies he didn't have time enough people bring twenty bucks at the door like you're twenty bucks I'm actually about sounds good but that just takes. Thought I'd start off with because I mean everybody else. Affleck over him at it era from 340. Book. Right extend our. Let you drill meet who has no we didn't need. Moon. She agrees with me he doesn't realize his dream with me actually John. School you know John John your life would be a lot easier if they just gave me the money would make. State GOP agrees that I would love to try years char broiled Turkey though he smoked Turkey. Very room. And accelerates the thought hot you know. Yeah do you need 99 midnight. I have no access though did you get a tax free right. Up there you go you know John she understands. Just. Carla. Hey hey hey it's not intend let me drink Karl now I change our trip Thanksgiving dinner no way its power ready to imported fine.