Part 1 - They're Not From Kansas- The Hitman and Carla

Friday, July 20th

How can you tell when someone's NOT from Kansas? What stereotype about we "Kansans" are you tired of hearing? Listen to everyone's phone calls from this morning!

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I can't believe what you stand. And now. You can spot somebody who's not from Kenny it's just. All of you want to tell everybody what you're doing the morning you know a lot of my family's in LA. And so when we went to Cali one time I remember I was asking him where pop machine was in my cousins like frozen like. Why he thought those who can muscles like yak. Truly go to her they thought I said hot. Teen TE yeah. Is the third how that is why would you recommend they don't say it popped a steak soda. I don't sing pop didn't think it's so weird we asked for. Popped. So you're telling me that. Californians. Only c.s sold it and don't say pomp. And that pop is a Kansas then it's gotta be Kansas thing right. When I went to New York they don't say pop there I don't remember what they send but they do soft drink. Soft drink or a cold or something and they don't say pop I don't know if only us mid western say pop as I say it. But they literally thought I was about pot machines can. It's a funny world is California. I get the same reaction Colorado and Washington State the message more okay H it's nice and adding three. And you tell if somebody is not from Kansas and if so how. I'm telling you that's like a very very sure way to tell somebody is from your not the way they say pop persona. Now I am so much stereo types about weekends that you get out of your beacon of California they think like we all live on farms here. I have one more person every time I tell them I'm from Kansas and a little kid yeah. Actually you know there's a normal and loosen up a moron and what you taught. Me. It's ninety and 93 when one will lose more and how can you tell when somebody is not from Kansas power want to go on. Good morning Howard I was 3.5. Continents now. And I'm currently trend that I don't shirt and. Culture shock. And can't you know you'll know everything okay. So I think he needed to Betsy. Imminent. I thought they had iconic how much aren't I bring it back and let it bring it got interpret certain code. I think our shopping cart but he makes so much of the earth I think first component. And Tuesday you know what's really funny when you go down south you have to Luke. Far and wide to try to find a Pepsi because everything down sound is it's cool to pull the relay every addict yet. A scientist on the net it out and horticulture. Why no it's not bad yeah and then of course you you really know your from the south is when you're like peanuts which are cool great. Yet she getting did you your voice to. Plus through Ira southern rednecks and gimme cult cult got down. Hello I'm yeah. Hello or welcome the way to go welcome your kids is okay do you think they don't get you know you'll see that guy. There you go Alabama 11869. Jim added three how can you tell when somebody's got from Kansas yet pal. Well who we take a trip to New Orleans. And they legitimately ask that that we don't run around and horse and buggy. Here home who can really think 2000 and Obama got we'll let it go to older you do cheese are like no we regret our what are they also say. We don't carry that guy or bad or horse and buggy I think she's. Good deals he's still there really changing. I am god yeah nursery door limited things and there's nothing dirty about the shock hers right. At this guy stopped me in an airport onetime morning Charlie flying on the Wichita I ghost. That's shocking thing I can't believe you guys get away with a. It's hectic diet. I tried to convince him that then again he's not resigning want to. I am.