Part 1 - Is Three A Crowd? The Hitman and Carla 11-13-17

Monday, November 13th

A listener called in for advice involving her, her husband and possibly a third party! Listen to your calls this morning about inviting someone into your relationship for one night....


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Power and a three point try to come and play housed they hit men and currently. Well get a lot of calls on Michelle and and first and foremost I'm so happy demolition as usual comfortable with those two calls up and cheered the things that they do put the call that we got this morning from one of our listeners. I'm dumbfounded as to what her husband think maybe a solution to solve the earth. There are always. Meat in it it may be made an obvious solution by hears her until she called and and she's been married for ten years almost seniors she said. And her and her husband have both have had this discussion about how things are little dole. And boring in their relationship and known about himself. She suggested maybe they should end by eights and somebody into. They her. Marriage so to speak and she's just wondering she's obviously considering and she called us for advice and I'm just saying. You know it's just different people are comfortable with different stuff I still like you shouldn't just. Throw something out the window around car. Okay Carla Carla when I was in different strokes for different folks. Yeah. I now I personally I only doing what I'm saying then history of history is taught us nothing that we have not learned anything. From from that from men over the course of time we know that this is a bad idea. 8691093. Is or anybody after the greens what Carla this morning what do you think it's just a good idea yeah. I agree with Hewitt is a modern the most horrible things that everybody use as a resolution to solve problems in their relationship. Eight you whipped cream but if you're aren't Evan struggling your bag of hurt and it's gonna give me a way out. That's the truth is there a good thing that they do this great idea. And we liquor and a love the length what's. Kimberly and her husband as she thinks is a great idea. Here call. I've manipulative probably gonna have a few words over the phone call as I could say that's sending. All of a sudden he's this. ST you are mad but I'm laughing loud. Excellent karaoke DC. It's a horrible idea hello power ready breathe life I'm what do you think. We. I have a well I think you'll know what it up a dubious. That's. Out of the lead by the end up and it's got a good note Ogunleye got to wait around yeah. Let's eat let nobody out and got nobody blinks and now. She you'll already set a girl I'm so glad you said because I numerous city. Pretty torn and it is completely out because he's outrage when somebody got isn't a. Yeah blue not necessarily now there is no way you copy format. Like crazy on a collision is stupid. They know what's going all over the girl. You know what I. Yeah OK okay. I don't. I'm gonna wind today I'll just say no that's when I'm guessing you might be a good idea I'm saying maybe it's not an. Do you draw a lot of room ncube hourly men think much. It's it's something mentally wrong here okay. So you'd think. This is something that's going to solve the problem what you're doing you can make up on the problem pure rock solid hit. 86910. RD three I. Their greens what Carlin as more and go ahead ma'am. Honestly I think it's great. Why what do you think so I loved your reasoning. Well I don't play a role for eight years. About your vaccine candidate I think the issue and I had in previous those kids you know senate floor but I feel that hey are you open as well a little. It's very are back all the whole communities respectful not like openly to walk up and hagee you know. You know it's you buying another couple that market here is that nobody can get 100 hole in this case. And it honestly had done wonders for our little beds. Got a big man thank you for calling we appreciate it marriages happy memo that this situation has been a success for you yeah. As badly as I got to be a good look at that nobody has more incredible. Got to ego don't thank you for calling. Thank you are married and he's two botched she's an honor soft as it appears that crew off. Our motto hey how about a hundred I I I wish I shall now go any good. And into the good guys bottle I'm way better don't go to the window why. He's good. He brought a different business than normal everybody brings up the box. We are outside the box. Okay thank you sir. He doesn't even know who's on the show I want to. How. Can I. Come all the time. And he went back if you yeah. 692930. Yeah now it's already doing more as far as the.