Part 1 - UFO's - The Hitman and Carla

Monday, December 11th

Carla has a crazy UFO story that The Hitman just aint buying. Do you believe in UFO's? Listen to this morning's calls!


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Adding three point try to power more in play how they hit man and Carla. Get this Carlyle and what's up. 61% of people. People worldwide. 61 cushion and almost two thirds of the planet believe in aliens according to a new survey test day. Now we Americans are the fourth most likely to believe is behind Russian some Mexicans and Chinese. So the question is Carla do you limit everybody listening this morning at 869 dramatic three. Do you know believe it did you have folks this is so weird you bringing this I getting this he's right now it's awful. Do you have a crazy UFO stories then nobody believes Carla listens. Yeah I was flying back to Wichita last night means. It was a nice flat had a layover in Denver heading back to what stopped peering out the window into the knights got. Going yeah don't tell and I'm so I sometimes don't know listening music and Arizona don't go ahead. Strike one. We're almost at 8 o'clock. I didn't tap my shoulder and this is late I move my hands. And the mile earphones by the way that's rude tussle with the submitted. She's like did you hear it was I quiet. Did you hear about the US coast as sightings in the area. I was like no oh my god tell me about it is I believe in UFOs twelve years old I was at the lake with my friend everyone fell asleep on him I'm in my sleeping bag. The dark skies. Five different light starlight going in a circle doing all the smears. My own doing these mere shades down and then they disappeared. Twelve years old real it yes when why Sony that's more so many new amateur isn't just Haiti. And showed their son and bit into. Still well I don't know restore Kansas like all of these sightings of UFOs you don't believing your Fuzzy and. Now ides of until. No UFO should sound from movies and they can go to movies can make you spend no money the 53. Do you have a whole season movies came friends people who see now these wells before just smoke and some good critique push how much. They were not black. Well let bulbs tribute today should try these days I didn't call us up this morning do you believe in UF holes I don't. I do but. More than anything I wanna know do you have a crazy UFO story that no one believes I'm sure they can hear a shot there in Kansas played at a gamma phonies like you know he didn't serves UFO's out there. Add to watch the show. Is there aren't organized and aliens in the belly up or playing politics called Anita I just down the ancient alien each. External member victory journal health history your history math here now. And yes you recognize it on Friday night and tell me otherwise okay in front of me you'll believe. Take a good buddy were looking out on the way I'll move away ancient aliens History Channel it's not okay I think yeah. So much talk about people that didn't even believe the world what you. Around women wrote that stuff. Carl you have your you have true story when you're out of Calgary in a way to curb the Cheney thank you for the third time it was one grosjean. Yeah friends. Twelve inch. And I looked into the sky and there are lights doing some weird stuff. Anybody that calls into the show this morning with the crazy UFO story I can explained to them what it wasn't actively sought. And not what they thought they saw all we Gilliam falls. 869 Cincinnati three OK let me you're you're crazy you're opposed storage I could explain it to you go ahead. That they can't translate at Powell and senior to go at it and I got and I look up in the middle of night for whatever you and I got bit and an idyllic here I heard about five might appreciate it never has there are allowed. To I had it. About pat you look at it bought out there aren't. Okay couple questions where you can do you Wear glasses or contacts. I error and it showed answer questions now tell us what happened was she woke up she didn't have a glass is armed and it was actually police or security over there and so she got a double vision of these lies it's just that they wanted to be sure that's what she shot it wasn't an daily dose or stigmatize announce that she's yeah we had that's Diana asks. See you ask. Yeah. Home port happy all the. Time BCV shaped red lights magically appear and then suspicion we just disappear in the night sky happens at a time. Anybody. The calls this morning with a crazy UFO story I can't explain it to him and tell what Libya's black. Antibiotic just wow this is what he had did whatever classes aren't just opposite because all they trust you know was an important. Do you terror.