Part 1 - Weird Cash Offers - The Hitman and Carla

Friday, August 10th

We heard about a girl saying some guy offered to send her $300 just for a video of her EATING some PASTA! What's the weirdest thing someone offered you cash to do? Listen to everyone's phone calls from this morning!

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I'm so I'm holding my stomach right now because a similar calls are given this morning's featured trying to marry three preachers to remember the weirdest thing Summers Robert you cash to do gasoline. We heard someone that they some message from this chick saying. Some data is offering her. Like 300 bucks. Just for video of trading costs. And you know him and it was like she just lioness not drown my case. I aids trust me she pulled do some weird stuff really questionable to knew where things for money. I personally know two people two friends from one end to this guy offered to send her money if she would send him pictures of her feet. Some assuming he had some kind of a good foundation. I don't know she did this and I care members Atlanta on Russian TV but it. He was really ready to cash shoppers some money just for seeing pictures are for feet and then I know so yeah I saw the messages Damon didn't really need. This guy can't messaging my friend on FaceBook on messenger. And she was ignoring ignoring it crashes like what -- request twenty bucks just to see if he'll pay me to talk to him and she sends a request. For twenty bucks. She. My angst. She is so economists like hey take what he doing we doing you know ignored north finer issues like hey what's up his status she'll discuss things. I'm just like colleagues. Yeah it's nice not unheard of OK since 1993. Awareness thing that somebody has aren't would you cast to do glad girl. He didn't I've heard the Oakland a he. Stoppard it's you I think it's time for the call creeping aren't. Do I totally that it. I know there are some really listening right now one clue. Oh yeah do not added I would not recommend it into. Didn't need these fifty dollars. That is crazy sounds slightly disgusted and I had the. All of my mind have you bullet can Maxwell nano told us. Yeah so like when the bartender serves your dreams constantly for always falls hi all the rendering strapped and I. Teach your. No she didn't she. Madam O got talent of almighty god I totally missed the dead is so disgusting. You get a buzz from late I would RDR. It's pretty drunk. Doesn't get it I have a bad jolly redeeming grace you were not so when you had no idea what you had just done back. That's what your friends tell you later what you had done a car yes. Once you have extra bonus impact. Am I am proud to highlight pick it up off the floor and then they'd hoped meet. I'd like. That's Chris. That's absolutely the craziest thing I've ever heard shoot sixty pasta drink all of the liquor that fell onto the tarmac. Yep no testing. Growled out and stuff and Collin OK again. No problem well 861993. The weirdest thing somebody is offered you money. To do this crazy.