Part 1- What Do You Take From Hotels? The Hitman and Carla

Monday, December 18th

We're all confessing this morning- what do you take from hotels? Listen to this mornings phone calls! 


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Things people still from hotels and motels this morning and how about a 3.5. Feet. I think Carla revealed to me. You tops mind. That's all there is doing. I mean just everything uses complimentary it's just compliment you so compliment remains complimentary. Forty. No. Here's what happened I was talking to him and me and Tony have a so it'll stay patient. OK you know just like one day one night you come back hotel I love hotels by the end. Anyway so they always have straight cup sitting out and stuff I always stick to kick camps. Even does not take up a first copies of not I'll take it out because I have two ways I can brew coffee in my jury and he cut so expensive and look he will have coffee and I feel like we shouldn't call it stealing he should call it like complimentary. Barring. But in him and I judging me and when I was telling him the story get a game. And then just this morning he admits not only has taken a pillow. And aim role. Did he even gifted hero because the road didn't fit him so we do that as a gift to someone else some light. Here is telling me I'm like the worst personal or because I. Grab these we'll come compliment or Medicaid cuts and he's jacket like pillows. And robes it was a nice rover was Marlon Brandon wanted to try to gone into the flipped a switch you kids age 6929831. In this still from a hotel. I'm as what people stolen from your remotes well. So I hadn't. Now. She sits. And are yeah in the toilet paper before digital didn't travel to take in the toilet paper just sort cleared out. I think spell if you start right there well. Has anybody ever stolen a TV if but Arab. I. Now. Now as usual charges that sugar roulette you're going to realize it's gone. The credit it. Is just gone on my guy split pillows to be in trouble sticking a pillow. Now at pebble that we. Marie yeah. Yeah I grabbed a pillow it was good yeah nice to know if it's. That's where you only those. Who work in the industry she sees it first and I appreciate you call this one day. Mac yeah. You have to awesome stuff. The things that people still from hold tells this morning. 86910. I was three empowered I was 3.5 one and you still from hold to now. All of them. Yeah. Yeah. Our problem. Mean how was a good idea you know you for your all of us. How mad give it all going to blow my goodness. I. Yeah should should should Barbara. That's not a great. That's an ego as big cuper colleagues easiest and oh yeah storm rolled though.