Part 1 - What WON'T You Eat? The Hitman and Carla

Friday, April 20th

A list came out of the top foods safery experts say people shouldn't eat, but what will YOU absolutely not eat? Listen now for everyone's phone calls from this morning!


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I'm fairly good point I had come out and play housing demand Carla list of truth that you should not even recently a group that's. Researchers these kinds of things came out a list and it's further discussion this morning. Yeah fail and what's interesting promise to list the things you shouldn't need to have bus say is I'm assuming because of the germs may be asked. I don't get me wrong I love I must say is I'm always kind of cautious because people Sunnis. Lol kids I have a four year old I know what they're capable and if so who knows what composite middleman foods. Ross' sprouts when I was pregnant with Max my doctor told me not to eat raw sprouts because of of the bacteria and so they can have. They say slice limitation any ghosts. We know life undercooked ground meat cook. Raw oysters. Boot from both then this sushi. Rom melting. Packaged. Lunch meats. Which is interesting. Is there a difference between that and like the Delhi's. Discusses packaged. And then they say popular. You never know how clean Zelman is at their house how long the fruit salad they wash their boots. And one thing I would never read his column Mari. My dad and we'll literally eating anything and he was always trying to give us Telemar grown ups and even a little sorry dean but the little fishes with their eyeballs and just hope. Come on in his mouth with one 869293. Slowed to lure me. Those are pig no partner and they're all. Just home format and an attitude. The deadline of LA in there and cried out and play it inside out for it without faults. So I assume you've seen this before. Hey Brad you got to use a big skill and I've been. How they just won't end there. Yeah my question who one day it was like you know when I bent mountain oysters would taste really well we're gonna try and cooking these cow nonstop though. Yeah there always are mad cows cows don't Hanna can pull out and no it's not. It's not it's bull being slow. Policy when slap one of those in your mouth off. Yeah. Oh hey I saw you. All are whenever mountain oysters Sierra mountain oysters so how are definitely important I want some phone you absolutely will not eaten. I grabbed my youth and making hybrid Eads is a little angry look and paint anything. The longest time I have. You can pay that she did you read this one day ticket taking her Robin is and ordered how I'm REE. It had ever had and that kind you know I'll bet there all I'm my grab lab need Borger our leading pretty. Hi Amy thinks frightened look taste so good and then you find out what is he like. I'm older and I look Kalahari. Yeah and their beloved red. Yeah I didn't turn and apparently they're being bored and water are not losers aren't really warrant. You want to go last. Okay. Thank you don't count on moral and I don't know how Mario and you know what else are allowed to eat snails. Y 686. LO TRU oh yeah are you. This is nano is the deal absolutely well I think because of this morning as well 3.5.