Part 1 - Which Restaurant Do You Miss? The Hitman and Carla - 11-10-17

Friday, November 10th

The Hitman and Carla got to talking about restaurants they wish would come back to Wichita. Listen to your calls on which local restaurants you miss!


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Power management point five I don't wanna play ousted him. Dan and Carl you start talking about David restaurants and back and David no longer exist. I ain't the way to love that to bring back to them king's X. Powell I don't know what it was about king's X to food was amazing of course but just like the whole environment it was just like that. And diner you could still smoking and then into you know I'm not about. Secondhand smoke when it was so good luck and I missed it and talk all night show it was a little peek. Mexican restaurants super small like. Seven people could fit if you died inside it was so small that it was so often make it delicious and they grandma cooked and they had this yummy garrido with. Meaty details with the chilly gravy over only might that ice. You might have a bearing on how should we do. Have you you get there early though because there wasn't much Rubens and I. Yes she goes at a best places there was this Mexican restaurant it was Angeles that was on east central. Issue isn't an. I think it's somewhere but I don't know where we don't they have like three or four a mom yeah I don't wanna listen Joe's a little formal law amazing though they're tacos are. How to slices. Rock and all day long 869109830. Favorite restaurant of yours that no one knew existed to wish they would bring back amber yeah wow. I don't know for Graham Andy's food man I didn't get that grand these chicken and always seemed like there was this and that gravy was always kind of cold I don't remember eager Andy's CA. We're was there now are yeah Oklahoma again is still not a dominant. Yep and we had a very arrogantly editor there you go. Kittens and grandes pause. Our idea that it got an original polish yeah. You make people subway. Usually played bloody good to eat a glimpse London London was to bring back. I am a huge and it talked about not show. Should. I got into. Grandma's famous back I pray. That I'd say much because my neighbor decorate my until. News. Around they know oh my god I mess up my belt I think you're. Irreplaceable you know another place where grandma did to cook was mama's marched chicken down and I did the tracks. She should there was a hole. No I don't know why I know when I close and I does not act to decide when yeah. That's what to do you. How big is so much pollen we got it taken so much. Why oh my god this is such a great job position more calls and it's it's not a dramatic live your favorite restaurants should no longer exist you wish they would bring back.