Part 1 - Worst Baby Names - The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, November 28th

News of a family that loves Olive Garden who is naming their daughter Olivia Garton sparked this topic this morning. What is the worst name for a baby you've ever heard? Listen to your calls!


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And everything in point five about holding Playhouse 740. The hit man and Carla the worst. Name. For a baby you've ever heard. We'll miss all stems from news that we talked about yesterday from this Fam leave that is a huge fan of all of garden. And they're having a baby girl here and a few months and they're naming her. Olivea. The garden. And him and says he Newsom and and name their baby for colon not Collins. There's no Wyatt CEO LO and Colin and I actually ran into somebody this is no IA. They had a little baby girl who they named Beverly. I'm Beverly. VED. Is employee. Bad early just elegance is a little baby I can you gotta go they. Large baby names you ever heard go ahead man. I got one or ya that's why did a great did he hurt and your pen name is Richard Petty. Yeah. You know okay. You're saying if it actually is perhaps other work out I can do on the house thing about the. I didn't we don't I had a great first grade teacher to traumatize me it was this is more. No you're right it was 808. Rich. And I am. His senior season all of my gal definitely is okay do us all bloody week to look ahead and move on and I'm not contemplated let me limited further okay. Are your parents told. Yeah they need to spent already exists at. What was that like first acts document wanna give about the IRS office. What this guy really hits is a much. I'm really does name right it's a name that was okay thank you for power but no more slayings you ever heard this morning a pallidotomy 3.5. He wants to wants and we never thought maybe. I don't think as fast as fact I wanted to name my younger friend. Medley who let you smell blood from the Bible or something. I absolutely no right what I have thought of Euronext. Yeah it's affecting somebody important you can. Bet my family can't I can't tell I went with something else. Do you think all the baby yeah for cool yeah BSO I millions. Yeah oh yeah whom. I. The worst named for babe you've ever heard on the power not a 3.5. Let's go to the power lines go Dirk. They aren't you act just let Jim JIRSUS. Jar fairness jock all of them compared to non. Oh yeah Obama wore guy how hard it is food now. That's. He's in charge says if you're listening now I'm with I don't know I quit Q I'm saying now Jarvis is okay jar first. You gotta you gotta go by. DM a U. Excellent Collin OK. It is local until she are clues as. Yeah diddley once thought the worst name for baby would have heard them. Our. Hurts and river here on diet. Hot sexy kind of cool while I decade follow route real baby yeah yeah. Now but the kid's gonna grow up is going to be Livan and am hello my name is Ruger. My. And only Newton. That's not bad how big will grow like Lugar. Only guy I would like that right yes well. But our. We don't main camera Gertrude. So all of that's cool why there. Isn't Goodman jobless. That's why there. He 3.5 but once they import it you never heard him. In my but great teacher very close bit sick of guys. And that's about it the worst part about it my grandmother worked with his wife at the hospital on our game homework today. Democrat all of their that you LA you're dead in your school computer bag but yeah. You don't you don't disperse picture right. I felt dollar bear and journal. Slower there. I think I did I know the data is good. Yeah it got a daughter that's about the credit bag ever. I did got a note I think I know mr. Dick mice go I do you really isn't my guys got these little bit about yeah he's a certain guys dot com. That's for hearing Wednesday to a Colorado coach got. No Australian drama I didn't that in I gotta go. And they did what we saw it.