Part 1 - You're Still Friends With My Ex? The HItman and Carla

Monday, February 12th

Is it okay that an ex is still around because they're friends with your family? Listen to the full conversation and your calls now!

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And then and Karl on Monday morning Valentine's Day on Wednesday but what an interesting conversation. Because you know we know that you probably have a new relationship for at least a relationship you build him for a while but more than likely before the first in the dirt and relationship was. Now. There was someone else and that's okay. But the question is. Is it okay. W friends. We'll limit access family members. I say when their relationships. Done it's so our new baby I get my sister's dating someone or. A best friend or someone Amro closed Tuesday break up with someone especially feel like I'm messy situation. I can't continue to be friends about a person and I feel like a loyalty thing and it's tad disrespectful like you know ice I said earlier second I got toilet. The relationships done. It gets flushed. So you know. And I don't mean to be harsh but I think a lot of people agree it's it's like a loyalty thing. We can meet a friend who believe I'll be cordial to you but I'm not about to be how we word when I can best used more people going to agree with me. That's what she's saying. 861993. New Orleans or do you agree with three or do you agree what Carla. It's okay to be friends we're family members under that's good. Big thank you thank you hello. I'm wrong. Man you gotta be a clarity and we'll. 8 video I am playing IU is all great pat are. You know even if it's hard and it hurt you really liked that person and there are ways it's like I'm sorry like I don't know what to tell you I got to stick with my spam on this one you know that. It. Or even best friend in your best friend you know break some stuff like campaigning recoba someone like I can be noisy especially if you did my best friend and my sister someone wrong. It might be cool if you. And no I. Honey I eat there are no third two sides to every story you just can't believe the low side everybody should have been discord. Don't start. He. I. Yeah. Yeah tomorrow tomorrow seeing you all as the only paying a little thank you what I'll tell you look these are. Matters. Apparently 3.5. Million breakup with somebody this and clean break her every week from everything goes okay to meet friends with some of the friendly Linux. I agree with you hit man I mean I eighty and my friend lives and all my experience family and I remember Fred this is and it actually fell. Closest she's begin on the other side of things kind of right. They broke up yeah of course his family and that's what I should please yeah. You wouldn't know. Know you don't want any girls Freel for mainly insurer American. I have been hammering them up inside you can still forge deep pass meaningful relationship with somebody so many there were. I'm seeing it turn out. I did not say that really quiet and I didn't. Still afford the most meaningful relationship with some of your exes family members I can't Jill. Thank you don't feel free speech. All right thank you for calling saying we thank you know welcome winter. Evil ones for a few weeks and one former.