Part 2 - 3 Year Ultimatum - The Hitman and Carla

Thursday, April 19th

Listen now for the full scoop about a listener who's getting fed up with her boyfriend of 3 years who's dragging his feet in the relationship plus everyone's phone calls from this morning!


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I just wanna say row quick. She polled are different with how they express Levin how they are relationships some people. Aren't about you know the whole title and label I know guy he is the most nicest guy every lives on caller route don't shout out to Brad. We got a long distance thing going on. Oh sorry. Most of love being an Austin I am I known for years. And she just she is one of those Rolling Stones he doesn't like titles he never wants to get married she's like it's Colin Powell you know. What's in your heart in and what works for you and her relationship. So maybe this guy just. People aren't different and if I feel like if you love sir any shows or respect and they're happy and she's just dead set on this whole expectations thing are moving in and marriage. I was an advantage tomorrow I'll let you haven't changed my mind and I have the right to do so are you kidding me 86910983. Is there anybody listen this morning Mets fan and a relationship for three years. For more and it I heard don't live with the person and nor are not married to that person. I don't think we're gonna find that person this 861993. Hello Colin had a 3.5 what do you think her. From personal front runner relationship first series plus years or whatever and turns out and let's talk then this other women behind my back out it turned out to him minute remaining and new. International team and you know that he played the deals are learning you go on on. Room knows wow. Homeboy wanted to go and check out the bus every night. In my right now I want to forget my god I'm an awful night did you guys get together again I'm sure. I'll never find an outlet here at the only clean yeah oh yeah are up but what airline error the very end you know. B Lang in you know. They happen. You're you're working three jobs how much how many jobs who's he working. Not good enough. This marks the outlook when I freaked out you know I'm proud of in my mind that's a very. Oh yeah and he was okay would you more than the three jobs are provided plenty of time. I jolt to exercise. Yeah. Yeah I. Thought it really got out of it. That I'll always parents' house yeah live together as it sounds. Yeah I absolve the purpose of that tried to. You aren't they only get get back alive this time though this term then out at a figure out. It's kind of volley on both the home. Smooth that was heavily I don't know if I can do a penny on who's ahead. You don't call in okay thank you. You'd shoot three years are not to raise a child and start the old how they think and feel about life.