Part 2 - 30th Birthday Dealbreaker - The Hitman and Carla

Friday, July 13th

A woman messaged us that she's considering dumping her boyfriend after he didn't make her 30th birthday "feel special". Is a 30th birthday considered a milestone like your 21st and 50th? Listen to this mornings dilemma and everyone's phone calls from today!

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What Viacom wanted to play housing demand and Carl I'm surrounded. By. Phone call Lee's birthday one time. This morning at the pump Allen a hundred point five and complete disappointment. You should be disappointed in your perspective I think what you know what the. Birthday it's great it's not every year wonderful. Glad you made it. Took them. The milestone serve. Your first birthday obviously that's a big let alone our gonna include the first birthday when she birdied the first one you know you're still gonna follow you don't know what's going on all those people look at. Paul and actually and carry around you know yeah yeah yeah it is winter probably wanted to kick your wagon be left alone. So that's the first doesn't like you probably. I know what happened in the other men don't you always sent these out so people trying to prove yeah we're. This is a woman messes us because it just like my boyfriend has complete disappointing me because last week was my thirtieth birthday. And I expected him making it. Special. Instead she says we got Chinese take out in a bottle of cheap wine no fire X now. I don't think it issue here is that it was just Chinese take out in a bottle of cheap wine because here's what happened nine knife. He didn't make it special you can't just be like from close in order some Chinese to again here's some wine now. He could have presented differently and made it more epic and special so obviously he was slacking and so this is derived. From his non attentiveness. Anyway should have been dating for a few months and she's also noticing it's like killing him whenever they go out if he doesn't really wanna. Paid a split everything down the middle at some point she's like look I'm. I'm spoiled sometimes I. 869113. Of the milestones are. Feel that first one. Relationships get stale fumes when you first your fortieth in your fifty after that it's a wrap. Because we have world but birthday boy every year who knows when the milestones are I mean if you make it to maybe cool. Ellis Don Imus who won their four year probably got a recent into food paper company and that's just banking now. While this puzzle people even to do next case Kia has a 386. Yards hit Larry curry. I think village airliners she's like a much ado about not then it's a thirtieth birthday I think this is setting the tone for the rest of their relationship expected to be like that. I disagree what do you think. Hey I don't think it matters what here it is your birthday is a big deal I should always be. Celebrate one and. Per cent us. Matter fact that this is the phone call like that says this is it this is the truth that every birthday should be treated like it's the 21. I'm this brand equity person not the first. Why campaign news is here in various financial great. And you can't afford more dead that may have been. Flags they can do. But I have always stated you feel birthdays and my family and I hate to say my family does that make a big deal at a birthday. Small earned it. You're whom I normally I'm or lack. They worry that you're celebrating. And then you say here for infineon or dwelling they don't yet there I'll get myself bring you all right thank you and you are special I. Every birthday and I choose so. The brake failure of Kagan here you're here you know what advantage does a long way to ask for it doesn't matter the cost of the gift it's the effort and Shelly and that's why she's. Should we appreciate it now the Chinese. See the anti. You yeah any effort oh yeah. Elderly or get along. Yeah you know I. And I don't like spending money either. Belle hit my English he is huge he could have gone above and TI didn't make a car with glue it. Good literary and whoever. I got it trying to do you think he hollered the Bruins anything you know all I'm having debate. Here where it's going to bat in the army or any. Yes you are listening to because she wasn't celebrated my son and now and you know I didn't hear the end you must. Ours is so sad. And thank you for calling okay and maintain. Jesus. Quite flat.