Part 2 - Almost Burned the House Down - The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, August 8th

Have you ever ALMOST burned your house down? Listen to everyone's stories and phone calls from this morning!

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Can feed since 1993 you wanna know. How did you almost burn your place down good girl what happened you know I think. I pull and I think it's repeated on top of it on the part what are you became. On the hill I hope you can't. She. Solid insurance. Every day early to act if there are but it wasn't too bad it earned that those bad. That are so what that needless to say out around the burden. And so grounded yeah goes I know when I was in high school I could leave him when he won curry I got home backlash I got out. Expect that didn't work out well from the home. A little confidence that you just. Well I'm glad everything worked out OK let nobody was seriously injured and let them every day and house turned out to be OK yes yeah I promise over peer to act and also tonight no. Thanks for Karla and I 869 dramatically I think I would have been more upset about the Sobel. 3.5 really Powell did. You go home most murder housed out. Out out that that accompanied all tell. Yeah and no to self don't ever forget to the water don't you have a new instructions like an option sometime in Ryder Cup hot water and let her about how. You know when they say that's what you're supposed to do anyway that's what I do I just I boiled hot water by itself and I poured into the cup and I walked away and I come back there John Sununu not supposed to do in the microwave and all no not with a tub even with or without water you know do the clearly no way she. I'm sorry that happened I'm sure he didn't dye your hair than darker how are you saw. Did you see did you see him and this quote unquote this kids on FaceBook yeah might she has no room to roast me drinking it and some. I'm wrong with the growing I don't know this in his memory with no. Thanks for you heard dot oh yeah. Did you hear that I'm giving let's see here I'm giving lessons on how to avoid burning things from a lady who blocked some and turnarounds and another living. Hello my little lips what do they. I personally didn't blow love how there's some minor smoke issue. I didn't think I couldn't.