Part 2 - Anti-Junk Food at Work - The Hitman and Carla

Friday, April 13th

More calls about if your place of employment has the right to tell you what you can and can't eat!


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You just pure and am car. Want to promote unhealthy behavior he thinks. You are really get a fat and yeah. And I. What he's saying is we got an email when I'm gonna say his name and he said to him Manning Karla on Friday our boss surprises when we walked and worked with two new vending machines her health excited there's like a buzz around the office claims. Both many machines are covered with these blue sheets. And this blossom by the way sounds like I was just. Weird like extra yeah. Had lunch he says are busted him for everyone whipped off the sheets to rebuild the new machines. Much to everyone's dismay. Our break dealers snacks and drinks had been replaced with health food and healthy drinks. Don't get me wrong I love shopping now hold true source island eating healthy. But this just crosses the line in my opinion. He's in my company says don't no longer offer junk food because they want healthier employees and our boss thinks having healthier. Employees who equaled better. Production output it does increase. Our revenue. And a lot of orders are PLO and they went to HR they're complaining they want. Solve he energy drinks cookies I'll dean dominoes are whiners it's 86910983. Combo power and added three points I do agree with me your grill and Carl Cameron gives. I am not a community actually cute be there yeah. Absolutely and I can't grow on people what to do so if you were to me. I mean what you eat you read Jordan I'd want I'd come here and I don't like Jarvis. If I used to get back also big and fat can be what you do in. Look if you choose to go today you didn't know what to do just not going to be able to by the kind of fundamental. I want place that's the taller only. Right if he'd make a grunt speed perhaps try to hit Indio born I don't. And we'll probably bullet choices every day. Start that I have a choice but from the word and do my job yeah okay and I have a choice to pay you for the services are rendered a fairness. Yeah but not to tell you what I should be and what they should not he's had. OK ma'am I'm not gonna are you lose your nuclear DJ he's too busy. You are. Fuel around your own Europe hero who I respect your opinion does Jupiter. You don't have very much of that and you. Yeah yeah actually is. How does so yeah he's doing. It is. I agree with I don't agree with him Amazon com so you agree with Carlin as what you're saying yeah anchor Kyra thank. You these are not children these are adults who do a good job on tape what they eat I'm not saying that they do a better job I'm just saying that if you want a body fluid that is. Available that the company has machines and which free unit purchase food from. These are your options there granola bar off and he'd move it was. I don't hear Katrina cost our environmental. I'm not he's going to be stressing now they can't have that chocolate they need to get him through the long work day bring it in your person your behavior sack lunch I don't care and these are good night at a minimum machines yes she needs. Thank you limb yeah I appreciate you see things so expires quick doesn't I don't know what. It tomorrow when Milton coconut milk one. This is now he'll join me six drug could not in three days I need somebody that agrees with me.