Part 2- Are You A Snob? The Hitman and Carla 1-18-18

Thursday, January 18th

Your calls continued...Are you a snob about something? Listen to your calls now! 


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Pat and having 3.5 fumbled a play healthy again and Carlo but coming clean this morning they're admitting that things that they are snob about it. At Howard every 3.5 a buddy of mine Enrique lives out here Francisco snob about it is tequila. And will not drink Jose forum overview now let's. Carla she's just not about her iPhone. My phone I gotta have the ice on I'm just. I'm accustomed to it and how I got to have the top. It's gonna be Oldenburg bust in delicious. In just full of flavor and posted on FaceBook parent and 35 if you here's not a something shout out to Dorian in cable listening. Doreen says. He's just not that I his cars. Yeah I have like she loves BMW. 869 to knot it 3 Collison out this morning what are you a snob about it now what about ill. Ask any minimizes all right humor and emotion out Romo Barack Obama democratic friends. Well. It may have been introduced and came back NC division dip in and then you know you know orbit Koran senator yet did it does you. Let's melt OK here we biblical kind of vernacular he did you hear. Yeah I remember that I America we'll look. Did you go to Colorado and the like it's a shock to Colorado and rich are different strands. Colorado school let out a more ammo. California department garment Arabic garnered Carlo hotel and get. So you did yeah you gotta wishing you gotta you gotta get their best my UK you you know when. I'm reading everybody is bad but hey I'm used to be overused and we do it I mean you've got to do. Do you do work you don't do veggie we. Oh you know he and use more you hear those visits. Don't you comment about yeah. It's all about the good. It's quite good gotta yeah there's been got you're got a good group. Yeah okay eighteenth. Live and there's more you can. Yeah admitted to RI and he's a Smart about this crime. You're hired Allison you know the budget listeners right now not me. Handled that drag it. Out and I want you want to know more it was safe for me. It's Carly here and I'm sitting with cliff why he makes.