Part 2 ...Baby Delivery Room Dilemma - The Hitman and Carla 9-25-17

Monday, September 25th

Your calls continued about  listener who messaged the Hitman and Carla for advice with her ex. They're expecting a baby and she doesn't want him in the delivery room. 

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What I don't wanna play how to hit men and Carly guesswork out of him this morning on how dramatic three point try as we can agree on anything can't we. Well would have found those moments to where we reached an understanding. But this morning. You seemed to be computes. And the reason it is. A listener hitters up she's pregnant with a baby daddy they get along their friends and a cool one another but they realize that they can't be together. I've got to ransom is no drama between the two. She's getting ready to have his baby. She's wanting to beat in the role with her win she has the baby and she's not only said no she said. Help keep it in Nile legs. I get is a special time you know this is a time though I I'm sorry it's all about mom and baby and having a health C. Stress free delivery because the truth just so much can go wrong so not being stressed. And gains through those contraction that's important and if a woman is not comfortable. With her ex. Dean in the room while she goes through this whole life altering most painful thing ever procedure. Andy event. And she doesn't want to mennonite labor and delivery room. Then he needs to respect her wishes looked he can come in immediately asked third. When their like babies according come then the the first to hold the baby help cut the cord whenever our. But if she don't want him they're daring this long process of a labor card and I know there's no there's women out there who still need there's just certain people you don't want in the room and my feet on today. I was namely the dang room because he was so stressed and nervous and a suspect dean mean and my brain going and going through this I. I can get an edge in word once you're fired up I can tell your fired up but Carla if I may use some reasoning. Here just to make a good reason no bowl tourists that the baby daddy didn't know what does that keep him or. I like that forthcoming as we didn't completely out of that I know this is much in that moment when his baby sees. The world's first used the world. Can't be too excited to manage three I'll let the ladies are probably gonna get hammered this morning okay later this summer hit my beating like a man but I got to stand up for this guy sure he's got to be up either British guy called parent record I'm just saying. I've served my hot it's here at the edge. I left that event mandating we got to figure amount not you know I want ever. They need to employ that might be absolutely. Everyone acts and he wanted. You know hope that data like it and how about let him Mikey actually the next hole was booed at a little bit. He never disparity. Lunatic. Yeah and it wouldn't may and then my daughters Brothers we let you know audit lay my daughter lives on base. As it was at home mom without. My without. That is yeah baby inhibit. There you go nobody out there every bit of the city you can NF. Yes I still like it's such a personal decision he can come in as soon as that babies born in that one of the first. Hopefully I don't even know how mom told somebody yeah baby blue and hundredth birthday candle. He exhibited bad all right let him be there yeah maybe I didn't get them there hot. Appreciate you think from Colin thank you wake up and listen to us okay yeah I got bad news today I cheeks sounded like she mills. Was it was like it was like full of what that was so personal how she came to you. Is back how it would play I thought what if things. Are. And literally. And Martin. Are. Great. Thank you. Hala I'm surprised to women are agreeing with me this morning there's got to be a woman out here who's been through this an absolutely 100% understands what I'm saying you know what I could be completely understandable if there was an unfortunate situation and if there was no. Not pleasant looking. Still like each other that's truly the get a long long and that's fine but guy you weren't so much pain and and and like my sister and mom mom my sister was a nurse immigrant livers are wanted her there to help me with the breathing. And all the procedures to go with say you know I I'd. That sets and personal. Ukraine. And I can tell you can tell you.