Part 2 - Based On How You Look - The Hitman and Carla

Friday, February 16th

The convo people assume something about you based on how you look? Listen to all the calls from this morning! 


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It's important. And Carlin Lucy yeah. Julio allow our bikes and guards that could be a movie in itself. So long enough I assume something about the youth based on how you look. Everywhere I go out is quite he's always what you need is an act like I'm really mean but I and one of the person. And eighteen nothing about my facial expressions and I don't I don't understand is I don't feel bad for them to do with that on the release attractive female. I'm a pair. Well I. You know in all fairness I I gotta give me an album because ladies there are attractive and beautiful people. If and a lot of it's good intimidator with the beauty. It can't and they think that they're like old guys I. You heard she thinks she's all that and did you want. And I actually I'm Mike. He can do what I have the same problems. And let's and it won't buy you guzzle up. That all book idea and people think I'm sure you get no because I. And until the last caller looming. I was going to. College there. They look blue would you guess are. I guess now we want to.