Part 2 - Blue Eyed Baby Dilemma - The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, May 16th

A suspicious father and husband is considering asking his wife of 5 years for a paternity test for their 10-month-old son. Listen now for the details and everyone's phone calls from this morning! 


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869 Gerri it's pretty easy yeah what is still not a sudden they're people call this morning. Agree with me let's go to the power lines hello good morning Howard every group point five what do you think that. They are split ya know that me and my wife both have brown arrived at our daughter had a solid blue eyes. Whoa hey you know. That's beautiful dad. Yeah eleven months audit now. We are very big blow here together. He's grabbing the mornings and evenings and there's there's zero chance of OK if you want to support it has a relationship so it is possible perhaps probable plus plus I just let this letter because there's a chance. Okay hit it thank you all right thank you thank you yeah you welcome she pulled allow. So there's zero chance. It's just. I don't wonder why do more than what do you think I wanna got through as a reference flow and it hurt so. I was actually Obama will hold flood which aren't I'm actually mirrors who was woman he met through a lot of research sort of mixed children important and it's actually air superiority. But I color is not how much better to know well there's two guys like college experience suited. Very very rare and I'm not covered it would do. You know or what's not so all of this is going on yeah. But still if you dear I'm sure I want to acknowledge that you have emphasized. Yeah and win. Don't work very. It's rare that we continue to have a history a long time ago. I'm just so over the twin lakes Harvard als I think I've got me about what do you games gonna tell all of the work towards yeah. Absolutely enter your member of the butchered. That was yeah sure all right let's just tests. Yeah OK okay. I heard a little wider pretty sure that it and you gives you a black man termites he's somebody that I. We'll do about it. Good Q it was good to talk to you again okay you can argue that was just whatever moral way to work we've recently. Yeah you do. Well. It's we got the split and go on now and me. I still saw me. He can't. But Texas no one gas don't you dare write me like Hillary Clinton take the tests patience and I usually.