Part 2 - Catfishing My Ex - The Hitman and Carla

Monday, April 23rd

This woman who's still in love with her ex-husband may have have finally gotten his attention... but it may backfire in her face. Listen now for details plus more of everyone's phone calls from this morning! 


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And since 1993. We have one lady who called in and should she thinks is growing and we have another Linda McFarland your green go as good morning along. Definitely a female yeah. Glad. I think it like Atlanta British is it's a brilliant guys here in my mu yeah. Showing him the ball even though he's six barely being Kobe and Gary Thorne. Mean you know how well they actually where they can remember how loud is maybe I didn't think this all the way mayor of San. Yeah it is a good. Hell yeah. Thank you man I appreciate your opinion thank you wisely you this morning plus Asian bonds are certainly he's calling that's for sure coach hello Colin many times in five what do you think. Ask me ED TV and I'm sure he got out of it. Looked at should give me good Mulder Vinatieri vague comments. Buddy you were affected fields. Easier target very easy. The good yes. Good night. Heard about a slide. It's cool one and a son and Abdel don't. Don't do it slowly since two under some kind of way Nash yeah I regard. Think you the usual mode you. Ask him until the blues about their negotiating and no power ready 3.5 what do you drink and get pregnant. If you're coming and you know. When you've got what some interior though he might expect better tire blew and it might think that plays out there but I had the right. Let her until they're going to ask him what I've told irony though you can do it Ben the. Oh that's Jeanne moos C she shed and to see what he says yeah. I doubt I doubt I don't think she likes it. Good for Carl appreciate it okay. I expect see people know she's crazy. 869. Not a three seed is brilliant car now.