Part 2 Day By Day Cheating Dilemma with The Hitman and Carla

Thursday, September 21st

Your calls continued with The Hitman and Carla about a complicated relationship situation.

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How little. What do you think on the situation always spent a fair question. If there is better and you get hurt my remembered. How do you say do you think it's cheating didn't and disrespectful to just blatantly collar the women more control. Our console hasn't she does he wants to look up what do himself a pay. There are better than that he didn't meet leading economic. I hope he actually he is appropriately and in order. Okay. Thank Susan Collins he's what was going on with bad guys like I told hello any good points it's. Acting and eat it and I don't I don't agree about that bat at. The green economy that he separate but that's like the more. You know out heat yeah about staying with one out. About Denny's. A clean. Car. I'd like to know how long been doing that they. Owe me. Yeah well I. I can tell you this much they've been doing that one day at a time. I'm too many that haven't seen that he's not around apparently think out front and he's cutting and and yeah. Leno didn't close the median heartbeat condoning and I. Art I'm only got a little thing somewhere yeah and marketing outlet that he being. Okay thank you for calling. I liked how she said there is no day by day eerie and relationship the relationship do you listen to this relationship dead by the cheating is cheating. Com now 86 idea batted very. Doesn't every little decision you make it. Every day. What. Powered at a 3.5 to come out and play house thing that Manning Carla. Did they just tell me and then. We're having the conversation about being new innovate and relationships that that's called. Dave I didn't. I AM I love how you do that it's hotter right to the kid turning it into this. Positive cool trendy. Invisible. Fame. And basically this listener message does she doesn't want her name mentioned and this guy is totally taken advantage over. Respectfully. Ask the kids it is something new. And that we've still a little bit more research I think there's a book scare you look at your I can be as tough on the cusp of a new book. And the million relationship philosophy of day by day he he he's dating this girl. And the likes he's like a guy like if you look cool. But let's just take a bad day day by day and see what happens and she wants to know what. Does he mean day by day two which. My partner Carla and a bunch of leveling these quickly concluded it meant. He's afraid of commitment and he just wants to cheat on her and it's disrespectful. And he's just being empowered him. I don't. Yeah that's what it is. I say it's okay. We're taking your calls 869. Dramatic three we have a guy on the phone who. Has a lot of knowledge about it. This new relationship status of day by day interest in the sharp thank you for patients in the waiting to talk to us this morning here powered at a 3.5 please please please. Go ahead. Did fans loving her degree in Iran probably weren't as happy now we know we're out we're gonna try as they did you know these guys. I don't know and many like your we still can't actually take anti gay. He's got every right it and probably aren't sure you don't know for sure it's gonna work is solid on future I'm you know what you're back injury is working that well and a little bit of that statement we can't make a I'm not sure I'm like Ortega did I gave Tiago and he's been out other people who'd been you know she won't be somebody else true I mean. I know I understand what did I did it means you Q sir exile. He's gone through the regular insurance you just chart Gerri you're unsure basically you don't want to take its toll over and maybe I feel like you're right and maybe you'd like this can't do it all in love again is this you need to at least. Jack he finally explain what day by day basis he'd like Sarah she's a cool (%expletive) he's not really sure he's let her know what the deal and that's why Satan when they're on that's like. He's Colin off quite frankly he's been gone almost one. Are we in order to America true yeah. Boy you're right about that but this is the guy are you guys aren't home is a big hole. Whoa. You're of the day by day a guy current thank you so I'm glad to see that finally. Someone understands. What day by day news then by all these you know true until someone. Buying today. It's analysts and our I know what it's like the way she is the ocean just looked so fun and let them go back. Who are you right now. And inspirational speaker it's a matter of being there you go out. If you points below.