Part 2 - Did Someone Mistake You For Someone Else? The Hitman and Carla 11-15-17

Wednesday, November 15th

The convo continues...Have you ever had someone mistake you for someone else? Listen to The Hitman and Carla share their experiences, plus listen to your phone calls!


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He's kind of like the actor Ernie Hudson Vermont's you keep saying that look like curly heads and I don't look like army had to if you're listening Google Ernie Hudson no stopping it. I don't have. I left learn. Up until around age six and aren't in 93 we wanna know have you ever pin that mistake in that first someone tells her I'll buy you a man. Well that well played well only did did everything else that State's bigs all quarry hole and a person is big picture somebody else it's all right it'll quit I were important Byron. Like less to party with subpoenas for me yeah I thought that it's a little bit but we'll see look like I don't know if you overheat and I'll go. Look again. And pocket pharmaceutical back home it yet see. Look I guess. May be just you know a poor little intoxicated and really didn't happen. Maybe. I don't recall that and I'm. You guys like Jeff Sessions in front of congress right now. Exactly recall that I don't remember to match. Well I got a game a little too up bill okay. Aren't huge shoes they got the gun from a congress didn't rule hello how are you doing important but did you ever been mistaken for somebody else. Yeah crude rock and basically. He spoke to an Al Hariri you're doing you really yeah do. It is now learning where you really not trying to be funny bit here but we've been called. Jimmy I would love to see a picture view. I don't know why isn't it you can now put. I sure don't be shall this now more dramatic camera on your phone is broken jury. Robert W panicked and got it that means you run a lot of minutes flooding. And OK let your eyes. And it kind of you know and I was always stop. And pave the way we have a lady on the phone says she. Had someone think she looked like someone that she wasn't what happened. I'm away a little looking that great fight them. Board you don't come and iron and I get a call thinking that I'm a kick augmenting. The that's. Just not pictured at right. Investigated in print the picture off and literally came down to a birthmark that ultimately could develop a part I would look at it that it would mean my belt they don't know a lot of. May I ask where the bush Smart clothes armed armed gotten out let's assess that earn my does that. This says should be easy pledges being easy. Yet another at a certain audit found you can just tell burn you like from the talk imagine how many are gone. Trash bags. And I'm a Republican and let me myself we literally if we get it out warm breath for. No I don't know why am I just can't help but seeming to think. Big deal or somewhat flattered. That someone drive you look like a porn star. Tell me yet match and I'm. And I got things about it I'm like oh my gosh my dad let him he's here in about blue million yeah. But I mean there's really only adding I guess I guess I'm pretty bad. Certainly not me. Certainly not pain. I am pretty. Backing. That's awesome so somebody die you look like a porn star and it's either awesome or it's just straight up 33 contention yet at. Actually asked and I'm thinking I don't know what you want to thank. Well what he did what was the porn stars named by the way that they don't you look like. You narrow path I've even then you're back. Was it Janet Jamison any hole you outscored you know be on challenge. I just happens CM yeah I'm nice guy. Make sure what color race doesn't end. I wouldn't get the vote for you. All. We're going back I can't believe he's still dead networks did works for the Atlanta they don't. It's actually genie is the bench for Colorado yeah.