Part 2- Disneyland Exes and Oh's - The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, December 20th

The drama continues...should a soon-to-be ex wife join her ex on a family trip. . .with his new girl friend?? Listen to everyone's phone calls on the matter!


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Well I want you to encrypting. At the end of the day is all about the children. Personally think every ticket. Yes thank you got a hundred C. UConn before you set to leave the girlfriend and well. Everybody out because. Mark that golf as. More like he could no actually it. Nissen who hair and eyes. Peanuts aren't. Is can learn your lesson I am yeah he's gonna bring his new toy did you live show and maybe gone. Then my little story of toys to T I am sure. I'll definitely can be happy family I hope. I don't got. They don't know what I'll do exist. Being who do you. Where is really want to be good yeah good point five yeah what do you think. Okay thanks we will let out about it and my act and I am best and he's. I will add in the girls want and I'm. I think ex wife amber are quite. Right where I had him go. Out that the girl went down like the part that man's life he's gonna have to learn how to. Coke pairing helped. Why do. It can't hurt. You really want part of why absolutely. Writer amber at about it yeah news. At your girlfriend. Or yelling and I. Think. About it. They need to remember that it's not. An. Experience and I think that's. At that point. And advocates are. You don't I would take the words of buzz like your decision to be true maybe a tuchman. If you are sad strange little man and you have my. That need it and lewdness and. And I don't give me here. Yeah round. Trying to do because I. Yeah and valid points. Thank you for Carolina can. The vocal little bugs like. Here it is an incredibly. The shopping at computer deep hole which went up festive spirit there your one stop computer laptop desktop.