Part 2- Do You Have A Landlord From Hell? The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, December 19th

The conversation continues...recent local news had The Hitman and Carla asking this morning- have you ever had a landlord from hell? Listen to everyone's calls and storries now! 


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Your calls this morning about landlord. From how a six runs in mammoth three how much do you did you have a little more power ahead landlords from home and one half time. Well again relief mode and then I'll battle like if you've got her red still lingering bad and then. Exactly. Battle you know living apart never to re like act they're not acting that eighty. I really good thing they became I think. Don't think go to that area out of my husband got a really noticed him because he let the camera that he ridiculous dripping wet all my. Yeah. Over on Saturday I'll let you know. Yeah. What is so bold I don't know what you still don't have a new husband's truck. He had been embedded in there had been repaired raised only to see he's he's I don't I don't think it's about. Me wolf. So I don't did you find out that the battery was gone out of your husband struck. Acting and given it like great day you don't realize how about street day after I'm. Oh my god. Yeah and that's the boy didn't do anything you've had a I didn't and I don't think they're that he had this Grassley and others. Let me let delicate immigrant looked at my house. Black Ferrell like wow. Well did you ever get the battery back in the ever did you ever accuse them until more is our. You can never had nothing to activate until we finally got up court and not let him and that's not a works coma that knocks. These are original Latin are I have to admit that things are out there man. So there you go wild it's not a snow person to talk about this article on line. Colin okay. Never hello you know she why don't you tell strong dissent is low there. That's polls. Die hard let's. It's always important buzz.