Part 2 - Emotional Cheating- The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, April 25th

Is emotional cheating worse than physical cheating? Listen to one husband's dilemma regarding a female client at work, plus everyone's phone calls from this morning!


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I'm sorry mineral wired and better than that. We don't just fall apart the first opportunity that we have 181993. I tell you assumption guys this morning from the late in the usual all agree with you Carla kinda good guy just to help me out what this what we did. Did you know out of fear of loan amount or were their first. How stronger on the murder. Yeah it's good to hear from me the wisdom of a man that this morning. I'm not there are no longer rough on the more popular. Where it almost overload your silly and lower my propagate. Included can be instantly you know attitude that you're not so much every mission they're going to give to his dues. Thank you and you have an emotional relationship with the girl but that doesn't mean you wanna go from our automatic transmissions have manual transmission. They're very shirt circle or are firmer but listens. Paradise tie yeah. It did his right you're in a happy relationship but things were rocky and you were inciting you venting to this other girl be different right. There is you can't get looked over their religion becomes so are people who would you can tell every. That's right because you and I both know that one Q does assure the airline a wants is crossed there's no going back and he hasn't crossed Avalon yet so he still a message so you're. We are we recruited on our view also have a mask you know whatever you wanna you know are do whatever area. 0101. Entered checked everything that may or may not beat let's go what the facts of the case right now. Different Carlson but why did you agree with me and physical as far worse ball. Group who are way way your way you worry workload but a lot of that you're subject of mining and thank you you didn't hear them ring of overvote this. You've got about mad thank you for college.