Part 2 - Exotic Dancer - The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, June 13th

A woman's exotic dancing past has resurfaced when she realizes her current boyfriend's dad used to be one of her best customers. Listen now for the scoop, plus everyone's phone calls from this morning!

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Should she tone. The thirty day boyfriend. All about her past and I'm saying you know. I mean what do you guys think Carla says you need to just barely tell your business that's not what I said is Alan I sent. Pretty mono you're suggesting no I just said lay it all on the table all your tests are yet isn't safe to say you answer this. When you're introducing a girl your family that means you're pretty and you're right you're not images introduce all anybody to your family can't let. I never introduced any want to my family as I know that's one that was there. You give the safest answers I was so aware at age sixty I Jim Larry Drew some calls are still go to Chris Morgan dollar battery 34 or five what do you say. I think that she should now. He is plain and simple. Stood just yet become is quietly I'm on our relationship. Did not panic about the fact that you're doing the spirit it is bad pay her an RM and others. It was exactly purely American thing that happened. No Wyatt access to hundreds only she was a vendor that offered goods and services he was a customer that pavement and fair market value for those goods and services. Was a purely American transaction sure why you're going to hate don't come back. If it was purely on merit again and a transaction and why can't she just put it on the open if it's not big Al because that's true news also purely America. You know also had a pizza and you're so right you are so I got out talented all right. He's an honest I respect your opinion and thank you for sharing that with this okay. I mean 690 and not a three what do you think. All I'm not saying that is what I tell them not all bad. He now that led Canada not. At the top selling ads won't loan or why would she move to Canada what he's seen enough not recruit. Only seen in constant senile. As soon as he got to go somewhere with a possibility of her being identified as greatly reduced all the way to another country oh yeah why does she have to be the one run she hasn't done anything wrong. It tells him what he may be it's not like that or even make your parents need okay like that let you find out doing. Yeah I. Only only won't talk to one and two did yeah yeah. Regardless. Of very revealing dress to know she did little show and what's the all yours you know. Northbound on the side I'll come on the truth is she is an up fried he's never gonna known his mind can wander in his imagination is gonna go crazy so he's a different level here. Did wonder my answer for her to him is let's role play. Oh yeah. There are no there's you get to be Danny. Aaron yeah. You're too but yeah it's not the Obama. You big guy.