Part 2 - Expensive Ring - The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, July 11th

Does the size or cost of an engagement ring matter? Listen to this morning's dilemma and everyone's phone calls on the matter!

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Gotta say your mind that if according to Carly you cannot be hers so if you do not give her agreeing to. That would blind view in the daylight okay first of all he's exaggerating. The moment tell the truth you know analyst and an ally and. OK we here's a thirsty studies and allow it rains and getting engaged and basically. The studies said this is not a Western Oregon University. Men don't more likely to spend money on an extensive range they have a beautiful partner and you know. We need not even just physically beautiful if you think your partners beautiful they're saying. If this guy's crazy about and he's gonna go while out on the ring maybe that's including the price. Peace effort customizing it getting to know what kind of brings you love and I don't. I don't see anything wrong with that I'm not trying to shallow not a trained it Hamas like a gold digger I just think there's a time and a place. To be true goal to be cheap and aid for dean good life and then likening to an annual wedding getting there is not one of those yeah you. Also said that they cannot afford to get a decent sized ring they had no business trying to be married deal. Well that's what you should girl. 861993. I lie and they heard this morning and 86910983. Ladies be honest do you agree with Carla does the size of the ring matter. Like at some point gas it's he like if you're gonna go Wal-Mart buy you 25 dollar range or license even. A hundred dollars I'd like at some point that gives you a precursor for our town has 300 dollars like that's all I ask. I have had by house and all the other crap the like and minutes. That the precursor hurt it yeah how many I mean there's deeper chorus yeah. These are I mean money that I first string was like I mean pick me up quite expensive it was a thousand dollars but it means that the president. Somebody else that's got changed but then it's a great front that they you have to start somewhere I don't think like Lombard at the plate there are. Really loves. Yeah they have some nice jewelry at Wal-Mart did you get here I really am and feed the iron it then it. Is it our way. Wow. I can't okay thank you I appreciate you're not telling you yeah when I respect her honestly affect what she put a price tag home. She's sitting at the cost at least a thousand dollars in the post 300 dollars don't bring me no ring and I'll be trying to stepped in the NB my husband. I just hey it's the thought behind it in the church and the price I am shocked homes. 86910983. Com now what it does does the size of the ring in the matter. As you go there. Seeing someone else grow.