Part 2- Girl Scout Cookies - The Hitman and Carla

Monday, March 12th

Part 2 continues with our Girl Scout cookie topic. claims some Girl Scout troops are setting up tables outside of diet center locations and medical marijuana dispensaries. Is this cruel or just good business? Listen to the conversation and calls from this morning!


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Should the Girl Scouts be selling these cookies outside of these diet centers and medical marijuana dispensaries what do you think of this. Well. And include. They get those cookies you know little boost the whole point it out. It's true star yourself to learn how to control your own diet should they be able to control them so darn good. So you know why hey. You're saying the Girl Scouts are. Off hurrying to. Are aiding and will power test ST can. There will to eat cookies there's something here I'm off four hey you enjoy the rest of your mind OK Peter. There aren't any 3.5 this whole grossed out they what do you say smarter cruel. It is very clean today the world is quiet in turn are being. Arlen spectre of he had food wanna get out. And you hold out there appears pretty family doctor is saying I'd you do it speculating that it creates. A lot of employment act we had eating disorder where you can't really helped them thoughtfully. All your lovely lady near. And so giving them by showing how good is they looked like they were eating hear our prayer meeting they got to their friend are likely checked out and they that there are eating their. Bike under certain and I calories. So it's like antagonizing them. Yeah I used to deploying thank you so much for sharing a crank it up I eat.