Part 2 - Going On A Trip After 5 Dates- The Hitman and Carla

Friday, February 9th

The conversation and phone calls from this morning continue. According to a survery, a majority of women said they'de be willing to go on a trip with a guy after only 5 dates. Is this too early and too trusting? Listen now!

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Even though we hear you saying I think five days. Many of time to get to know someone. And know if you can lot of talent and maybe just. As a phenom I Don not about to go out italics you end stuff. Would this do that I don't really really know yet in my opinion. Especially they Japanese site well then why. Stuck like shut. Not news and those 260. I'm glad he's doing fine thanks Susan on the Golan nowadays with the guys what do you think. Matt is do it depends on the guy and I'm laying out if I'm not gonna like that anywhere else I have called millennium hold me. You know fans face to get back home so yeah how I got like pared that back then just in case something goes wrong. Right and then you always got to. Gloves and let alone actually well I'm better from different except and it would Beltran broke because you bandied. What does you know punish or whatever but yes I don't I don't I mean there's been not a person and you Al I'm Becky Bobby leave no man. Elite I'm weak I'm pro. I see you. Just like look at our guest today for your next movie always got to be ready for you let's smooth out your agree with what I. Mary grandma. I don't want to comment thank you PM. And we appreciate you see the majority of women are gonna agree with we will says no well OK hello Howard added 3.5 oh go ahead. Sorry I hit man but I have here this. Yet another blow out of town with the guys that I have been on dateline. Went ten to fifteen times and guys have been on the on. I'm with five good I want you know batters. Without a cut you. You can park it in the Israeli jets. That's what I asked why didn't they say yeah. Yeah. Dingell's Smart here Smart woman CNN. And I'm gonna do until thank you for calling. Appreciate it as cheesy as some wisdom in that. Hello how are married 3.5. Five day each to a zone. Yeah about thank you beards and army are beautiful praying. Oh you your big serve them huge herd you know you gotta kill what guys are girl. Though you know believe we're here a great deal whatever. Means you can tell what god you can help from a guy the way he acts. I did go to treat June I called our eight. On the first thing is why does he get a second there yeah follow Obama and leaving green with me yeah. How rare what are you don't got a ball and her parents being yeah our below. College you can really live all that that's right that's classified bits schoolgirls instances like yeah I'm still in the situation let's go out. Don't know five days is not a I shared. They live where you are getting so what are you add the right Israel know well would you don't cloud batted well did you. I don't know they're ready. Good youth towards it is looking willow mostly.